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RETENTION - WHOSE 'JOB' IS IT ANYWAY? As employees, we are responsible for working on own.Go & be fully present
WHY LEADERSHIP IS BORN ON THE PLAYGROUND? Through play time experiences we grow,develop,refine skills & re-energize
ATTRIBUTES OF A WORKHUMAN CULTURE Creating WorkHuman culture requires transparency, resources & evolution over time
THE CASE FOR CUSTOMER NURTURING When we have a new plant, we do a reasonably nurture it, But later what happens ?
INNOVATION BEGINS WHERE YOUR FEAR ENDS Listen to your heart. Start taking smaller risks & move towards the bigger
BUILDING ORGANIZATIONAL MUSCLE When the muscle is created the focus moves to continuity and evolution
THINK BIG START SMALL ACT FAST Here is a mantra which can help anyone build something that matters
PRAISING EFFORT WORKS BETTER THAN PRAISING ACHEIVEMENT Praise Him as a hard worker & doesn't give up & will get it
LEADERSHIP, CULTURE CHANGE AND THE AGE OF CUSTOMER. "Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, It is the game."
TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM To turn dreams into reality will be risk taking like giving up a fear of failure
THE IMPORTANCE OF TALKING TO YOUR PEOPLE A simple conversation helps to build relationships & how you get work done
ARE MARKETERS MISSING THE POINT OF TECHNOLOGY ? Marketers should use technology to exite the consumers
WHATEVER THE JOB TITLE, EVERYONE WORKS IN MARKETING Everyone has to delight customers & ensure they are happy
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: CONCEPT OF MATURITY. Treat your colleagues and junior with respect and trust
CHANGE. MANAGEMENT. PEOPLE. On every level, personal, team, or organisational, change needs to be in terms of people
YOU NEED ATTENTION MANAGEMENT NOT TIME MANAGEMENT "When you really pay attention everything is your teacher."
WHAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN YOUR LIFE? if you are not doing the most important thing, why aren’t you?”
WAITING FOR PERFECTION MIGHT LEAVE YOU BEHIND If you’re not making mistakes & taking risks, you won't go anywhere
WHY EMPLOYEES PERFORM POORLY& HOW TO HELP THEM OUT Before you address a performance problem, diagnose the root cause
EMPOWER YOUR TEAM AND MULTIPLY YOUR SUCCESS Empowering is allowing & trusting your team to make the decisions

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