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@whatlauraloves looking amazing!
Resin cab experiments https://t.co/PVunfKp4ue
Details... https://t.co/njzmCFGMQ6
@CeriCrannis ah yeah just seen, I was a little slow. Can't beat Nespresso for the convenience
@CeriCrannis check out the Ninja coffe bar, I want one!
Kale necklace! #veggiejewellery #vegan https://t.co/QJpX47shlJ
Kale necklace! https://t.co/FDzDzgv1Tl
Takis need your help to feed 160 dogs! https://t.co/p9rYmMAxHs via @youcaring
Mohamed Bzeek - Foster Father https://t.co/mzFZz62Dmk
Will tilt shift ever work on @instagram for Android?? #stillwaiting #FirstWorldProblems
@daraobriain @CERN been there too, it's awesome!
Save puppies and dogs from hell in South Korea #ShutDogMeatFarms Sign the petition at: https://t.co/U9oWgWQRzQ
Grand old time tonight watching @daraobriain in Basel #poorchuggy
Sitting in the Rhypark crowd in Basel waiting for @daraobriain to do his thang #funnyguy
@AnimalsAsia please feed the damn bears!
@BarackObama Time for a well deserved holiday, enjoy! ❤
New in my Etsy shop https://t.co/1wRJqRZGe7
Too little too late Seaworld, you stole Tilikum's life, RIP mighty orca, you're finally free. #Tilikum
Just finished watching #chasingCameron, first time I have heard of @camerondallas, guess I've been living under a rock! What a nice guy.
@ASOS_HeretoHelp thanks! Just normal jeans for plus sizers! 😊

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Clay obsessed! art clay silver and polymer junkie, love tea, mint aeros, surfing Etsy and reading crafty books

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