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I've forgotten how much work actually goes in to maintaining a presence on the Internet. Not to mention starting your own business...
Yep. I definitely just misplaced my shrink bands. Guess I'm not selling these lip balms and tattoo balms after all... :(
@boygirlparty Not so much. Or I'm just one sad New Yorker.
Now is really not a good time to have misplaced my shrink bands. *shakes fist*
So. I think I've just decided to switch my Etsy shop to Lip Balm and such instead of jewelery. Thoughts on this??
I think the shop needs to make a comeback. I have all these unfinished earrings sitting around. Any thoughts???
Never get a prescription filled while hungry.... You end up with strawberry rhubarb pie instead.
What am I doing awake at this ungodly hour??? Well, uh, good morning I suppose!
So what's this about an earthquake? I didn't feel a thing...
Waiting, waiting, waiting for my car to be done in service.
ad: NYC Fashion Week Daily Recap - a must see with Rosa Cha, Whitney Eve, Mara Hoffman, David Elfin. Check it out
RT @HandsOnHandmade July Giveaway on #HandsOnHandmade - Southern Star Scents Minis - 8 1oz scented tarts Enter now!
Just brought my Etsy shop back from hiatus! :)
@shavingkit Most people on the front page are either formerly featured or otherwise extremely popular seller. It's unfortunate.
@elfinwear 3 times, then I give up.
I want to start a compost pile in the backyard, but no one will let me. What a crazy family.
Wow. I haven't tweeted in SO LONG.
Okay... Zen-Cart is kicking my butt. Anyone have experience making custom templates for it?
I think it's high time I found gainful employment. Yes, indeed.
Yay! My RAM came in the mail today! So did the battery for my new phone.

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I am a jewelry designer and metalsmith, I also manage HandsOnHandmade.Com