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1,863 Friends Genius! Al Gore climate change rap battle hehe
Listening to the Foo Fighters makes me think their music matured as I did through life...
Any organic companies interested in swapping website links? Give me a shout :)
Its cold, brrrrrr. Don't think I have it in my bones to skate tonight :(
The Pavement Clothing shop is open today! Woot. Nervous as hell :(
Man, is it just me or does everyone else get rubbish tweets about a mafia game and stuff?
Also I am pretty chuffed to tell all that a Pavement store will be open in Camden Stables on 21st November. More news to come. Woot!
Im back! After tears and joy (long story), Pavement is on the move again. I shall be tweeting again as I have missed you all :D
We are back! Been on an extended holiday! How is everyone? Does anyone need any freelance design work? :D
@nickthegeek Cheers dude! It rides awful. I didnt replace the 30year old foam in the seat!
@TheYarrow :D
back after my holiday! hope everyone is cool :D
Pavement Clothing is coming to Camden! - Here it is at last! My MK1 Rayleigh Chopper complete.
@TheYarrow Sounds awesome, what did you have in mind?
@TheYarrow I produce my own. That's about it lol
Hello all. Back from my surf trip to my desk. Think ill watch an episode of the Boosh before i start.
I'm too old for hangovers...
Tonight's plan: Friends + Guitar Hero + Vodka = No Sunday
If you have not heard Andy McKee play then check this out and be amazed...

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