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Spent all night on the phone with my love @chipcoffey Love you man! #IZZI
Empty beds. All those empty little beds. Heart. Broken. #Manchester
How do any of us sleep tonight knowing so many were killed by a monster in #Manchester All the families, friends Everyone. You have my heart
Crying. Gonna say too much.NCIS episode where Abby fake plans to blow up a concert? I thought this was MY fault Can't imagine what Ari feels
RT @vjdano: @PauleyP @ArianaGrande Can everyone please share this xxx
And yeah I've know @ArianaGrande since she was a young girl, I have the right to worry about her and her brother and EVERYONE! celebs or not
AND He LOVES his sis and is often with her. AND this is the second time for me. My paL was IN THE BAND at the Paris attack. Celeb? HUMAN!
To the jerk I just blocked: yes if you have a pal you think may be in a terrorist attack? You worry. About EVERYONE and your friend. (Contd)
So my sweet friend @FrankieJGrande is safe All prayers for the Grande family and ALL FAMILIES after #Manchester We'…
My beloved @FrankieJGrande Where are you brother? Please say you're safe.
Been sitting here for hours so shocked and sad about #ManchesterBombing And targeting little girls? Ugh. Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.
On #HarveyMilkDay watch again my beloved friend @DLanceBlack Oscar speech for "MILK" Love you man!
RT @DLanceBlack: VIDEO: why I hoped for a #HarveyMilkDay before there was one. I'd get married exactly 8 years later. #HOPE…
And @cher my #RescueDog loved your @BBMAs performance !
Oh my love @johnlegend (nicest guy ever!) that "e-e-e" sound played behind your beautiful piano on the @BBMAs woke up all my #RescueDogs
If it's wrong to love your #RescueDogs more than anything or anyone on the planet? Then I confess... I'm wrong!!! :)
I never want to miss ONE MOMENT of my #RescueDogs faces, play, expressions, smiles or even just watching them sleep
You know how people have kids and say "I don't want to do ANYTHING but be and play with them" that's EXACTLY how I feel about my #RescueDogs
OMG! I'm so obsessed with my @fitbit I'm watching the @BBMAs and keep tracking how many steps each artist must've gotten!

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