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Paul Perito MD | Titan device is implanted beneath skin, rendering it transparent to your sexual partner and looking and feeling natural.
Interested in attending Paul Perito MD physician training? Sign up on Perito Urology website at
Paul Perito MD is proud to partner with Coloplast, makers of both the Titan and Titan OTR implants.
Your arrival should be the day before your surgery, in order to allow you a one-on-one consultation with Paul Perito MD and his staff.
Fort Meyers urology specialist Dr. Meir Daller says training with Paul Perito MD cut his surgery time in half.
Paul Perito MD – The shorter the time patient spends in OR, the less opportunity he has for complications and the faster he will recover.
Paul Perito MD offers a personalized consultation with out-of-town guests prior to their arrival at Perito Urology.
Paul Perito MD supports the Nyumbani home for orphaned children.
Paul Perito MD – It’s true, romance and intimacy matter more to women than size.
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Paul Perito MD | Kidney stones often caused by a lack of enough water in the body.
Paul Perito MD | Lifestyle factors like smoking often play a role in both erectile dysfunction and penis size.
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Paul Perito MD | Prostate cancer is the second most common of all cancers in men.
Paul Perito MD – Fact: Almost half of all men older than 75 suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Paul Perito MD can be found online at
Perito Urology and Paul Perito MD are proud to partner with Coloplast, manufacturer of Titan OTR implant.
Paul Perito MD | Radical prostatectomy is most effective in early stages of cancer. If the surgery is successful, PSA levels drop to zero.
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Paul Perito MD | Titan OTR is exceptional choice for men with limited dexterity.

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Paul Perito MD is the man behind Perito Urology, having founded the center in 2005.

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