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Classic Thompson.
Multitasking Lowers IQ, According to Science
Elon Musk wants to spend $10 billion building the internet in space
Google Translate gets smarter with language detection, Word Lens
10 Types of Bosses You Don't Want to Work With
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Successful teams, especially successful creative teams, oscillate between exploration for...
Fitness trackers chase after the corporate market
Biohacking: growing bones in a lab - Top Shelf:
Liam's Christmas 2014 Prank was tge key to Eric's excitement!
Microsoft in 2015: Windows 10 must repair the damage from Windows 8
Solo weddings in Japan: All of the glamour, none of the relationship
How to Prevent Experts from Hoarding Knowledge - HBR
The Most Hirable and Sought After Job Skills This Year

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