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Sound of Contact performs live
Excited to see Jane McGonigal live here in Denver #CTU
First time seeing this. Totally amazing!
Traditional Bulgarian brass band playing... wait for it... New York, New York!
Roman ruins buried below the streets of Sofia. Amazing!
Yeah. That seems about right.
Bag of glitter song rocks! - ODS: Extended Flashback (Episode 2):
Amazing Free Sofia Tour through more than 6000 years of history in just a few square miles
I always learn so much when I travel to a different country. Here's one of the things I've learned so far in Bulg...
There's something a bit strange about going to see Captain America in the former Soviet Union (bit I'm here and l...
The story of Cortana, Microsoft's Siri killer
Oh yeah!
Bulgarian elevators are in Bulgarian, English and Vulcan.
Can technology kill off the exam?
RT Bionics are now making a profound difference in peoples lives. exoskeletons are now aug...
This Is a Generic Brand Video:
Interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on 'Cosmos'
Join Roland Jarvis and Friends in the new Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial...
Weave + OneNote: Better Together
How do I block unwanted calls on my Nokia Windows Phone?

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