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RT @3QDigital: Your work is incredible! @NevadaSF This one is our favorite so far. #3qfutureofdigital http://t.co/hfkTDAahLX
just tried out new shopping bids tool @optmyzr Saved me 5 hours in 5 minutes, Seriously!
@TelANiv Niv, I replied to your article re: my BUG experience. Can we talk offline?
RT @ppchero: #PPC & SEO Unite with the New Paid vs. Organic Report in AdWords: http://t.co/Y0Mz0KcSJ3 #Advice
@davidcorman not that i know of. but there is a facebook group, i'll ask there. https://t.co/iXYIu2XTDn
Yo @Wix, my online #SuperPower is #PPC
@cueblocks @rustybrick correction: i could only get to 19% bounce
@rustybrick irrelevant queries triggered by those keywords re: down to only 10% junk comment
RT @rustybrick: @PPCPROZ says its great if you can get down to only 10% waste on your Ppc campaigns with irrelevant keywords
No more guessing. #adwords ads keyword field to search query report. Nice work.
good to have ad rotation back #adwords Thanks http://t.co/CSxgzuCJ
did the kewords tab dissappear in the all online campaigns view in #adwords ?
#adwords Mute This Ad http://t.co/BnsAmd2v - Great Idea, Good on Ya Adwords!
@FoundSEO: Found’s new free PPC keyword concatenation tool - master list functionality?
@herjoo close variants on exact will conflict with +modified +broad +match bids
@mccordweb I am already heavily invested into modified broad match. close variants will cause kw auction conflicts
#adwords Petition - please RT - change default on keyword matching options to "Do NOT Include Close Variants"
I'm now using http://t.co/TaRTEoIr
@glenngabe i'd say companies that are doing ad testing, would likely get actionable results after 30 days.
@glenngabe ad rotation 30 days, fantastic move for both advertisers and #adwords

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