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@kasie @SpeakerRyan So says the theonomic dictator of Gilead.
RT @SenSherrodBrown: Internet providers should not be able to slow down your internet access based upon the shows you watch, the teams you…
I’m still not holding out any hope.
Now that JT is back for a visit, will Keemo pop in to help take care of granny Dina? #neversaynever #YR…
@danfriedell Coz you know, after the show I'm sure they are headed to a cocktail party. At least that's what it looks like!
That’s right. It’s it is snowing & 19° here in Cleveland, but our local anchors dress like it’s mid-July.
RT @DearAuntCrabby: Amen!
RT @DavidCornDC: It's a Hannukah miracle.
Praise be!
RT @RandyRainbow: Happy Hanukkah, everyone! Or as they say in Israel, "One of our attorneys is a Jew."
RT @a_berringer: Coming from poverty If it weren’t for @PlannedParenthood at 16 I wouldn’t have had access to healthcare. I still go there…
Please please please more meow-fests with Dina and Glo! 🐱🔥@real_jchapman #YR @YRInsider @soapsindepthcbs @YandR_CBS
Happy birthday Rita Moreno!
Welcome to the #Resistance Nick! We need more guys like you!😄 #YR @soapsindepthcbs @YRInsider @YandR_CBS
Is it just me, or can everyone else hear the eye rolls coming from the Browns new GM presser right now?
What she said.
Jack went there!?!? #YR @YRInsider @malyoung @YandR_CBS
RT @mpjones1: We have not had any discussions, either internally or with our government partners, about the possibility of not taking teams…
@SITimLayden Something old people use.


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