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The Future Survival of the Fittest in Business?
Business Bank or Vince Cable's Variety Show?
SME Funding – Challenging Banks or Business?
Swings and Roundabouts for UK Investment?
How to Win Friends and Employ People with the 2013 Budget?
Unsure about RTI? Time is running out - find how it will affect you and what to do about it here
Is the cash basis tax system a freelancer's dream or a tax nightmare?
Working Nine to Five – A Work in Progress?
Myth-Busting Recipe for Business Success?
An exciting start to 2013 with our new Facebook page for freelancers and job-seekers! Check it out here -
A happy new year to all from the team at people4!
A Happy New Year in Business
What role do you think social media networks will play in recruitment in 2013? (choose an option or comment below): Then I imagine you have some very happy employees. Do you think it's worthwhile for businesses to prioritise... So, rather than focusing on making companies take on more employees from the younger and older generations through...
Topic of the Week: The Price of Mistletoe and Mulled Wine:
@SimonSimplicity yep, we provide both perms and temps.
@SimonSimplicity We have candidates in almost every sector all over the UK, are you looking for anyone at the moment?
Freelancers - Take a Break (at least once a year) and have a Happy #NFD2012
Keeping calm at work - easier than you think?

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