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If you ask Siri to divide zero by zero, she will emotionally destroy you http://t.co/NBMRayiX4r
We have an amazing opportunity for someone with a passion for building client relationships and sales to manage... http://t.co/3oPSsjFHkc
Watch out for our new Website being launched on the 5 July 2015
Stellenangebot: Wir suchen Sie als Assistent der Geschäftsführung bei Power2U fuer eine neue Filiale. Wenn Sie... http://t.co/rDyYF9fgfN
Andre van Zyl https://t.co/7uyxYxrYBy
#weagree http://t.co/OVqW1G5o5E
I have an experienced hr manager looking for job in corporate environment message me if keen to meet
What are your thoughts? http://t.co/vK0PalYoRJ
Facebook brings hashtags..... http://t.co/empDY8hIi5
get with it.... http://t.co/QOX8jevVsF
11 bad ads starring Oscar Winners http://t.co/QHiNm0u58J
INFORGRAPHIC - Social media stats for 2013 http://t.co/SMRFcUc03p
Advertising's new medium: The human experience: http://t.co/222axJu9UN
The biggest shift since the industrial revolution: http://t.co/wBMASkP2
Happy Valentine's Day! http://t.co/VrCehFu1
Today is World Radio Day! A day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between... http://t.co/WP6kUBDr
If logos told the truth... http://t.co/AsOZm7OH

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We are a hands-on, strategic marketing provider. We provide a multi-channel interface specializing in Communication, Consulting and Events

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