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Me regarding my car's heated seats in AZ. May:πŸ™„ This morning: 😊
RT @AZCardenales: No se olvide de votar por su jugador favorito de #AZCardenales. La fecha limite llega muy pronto. #ProbowlVote @nflmx @Un…
RT to #ProBowlVote @P2, @ChanJones55, @Campbell93, @deonebucannon20, Markus Golden, @Mathieu_Era & @DavidJohnson31. https://t.co/Y2WbUmGyNw
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...at work. #CharlieBrownChristmasTree https://t.co/b2xUkHgi7W
Whatever you're doing #StopItNow & watch this! A NEW Bad Lip Reading of #StarWars The Empire Strikes Back #Seagulls https://t.co/PS2up8TtSI
If you are going to Walmart in Chandler and are looking for the Blu-ray movies that are on sale they're in the meat aisle. No, I'm serious.
RT to join me in casting a #ProBowlVote @LarryFitzgerald, @DavidJohnson31, @P2, Carson Palmer & Tony Jefferson. https://t.co/4gfbPfTiWo
"Rumor has it" I got a new crush: @Adele. You can stay in Phoenix as long as you want. https://t.co/DnhrKJ22cR
#probowlvote @LarryFitzgerald #larryfitzgerald https://t.co/d80wxufhu3
RT @CardsGameday: You can now submit your #ProBowlVote on Social Media. Like this -> #ProBowlVote @DavidJohnson31 [LEARN MORE]Β https://t…
Barack- "Yes I've seen the movie Step Brothers." Joe-"So we build Donny and Mike a bunk bed and..."… https://t.co/JaOnjolnAf
Lol. 12th man. Literally.
@radioguyaz99 you were here?!?
Hold that d@%# ball
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ https://t.co/W1aDV8oVkd
https://t.co/MPh1rnmEJs #electionday #Elections2016
Traffic Update: Warner Road πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ˜‘
RT @Pharrell: We are not minority, we are majority! Go vote and make your voices heard. #imwithher https://t.co/XdK6MoIhRz
The night the @AZCardinals become the franchise with the longest championship drought...we get a rain storm. Good sign? #optimist
RT @adage: Cubs win! And so do @Budweiser, @Nike and @Toyota. https://t.co/2MqOQG9vg8 https://t.co/IsF9Tc72DU

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