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Male Hermit Warbler bathing. https://t.co/GnV8SqCiEK
Happy President's Day! https://t.co/37Myv6Ae1B
Here are our top 10 staff picked binoculars for nature observation in a variety of price points.… https://t.co/VulLWjztCU
Puerto Rican Todies are fairly common in the rainforests. We saw these in both El Yunque and Bosque Estatal De Río… https://t.co/W8MnGDAOuw
The Gray Jay ranges from east to west across the northern boreal forests of America. https://t.co/AbIEmSHUtE
Olive-backed Pipit, Yorba Regional Park. https://t.co/BVoDUyd1AZ
The Western Bluebird has very nice colors. https://t.co/9CeJSgZwpD
What a beautiful Pink-sided Junco. https://t.co/M9Y9k7r642
Burrowing Owl. https://t.co/QXi5d79vg0
Northern Saw-whet Owl https://t.co/cxCjMbxdKM
The Gray Jay is also known as “whiskey jack” because of his mischievous character. https://t.co/wLTyF3OmPE
Digiscoping a Ferruginous Hawk with a Leica spotting scope. https://t.co/B9BSXXbao9
Yellow-billed Magpie. https://t.co/CWO374RG1l
Long-eared Owl in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. https://t.co/US0XruCoqG
Orange-crowned Warbler. https://t.co/QRjMGEJ0b1
Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. https://t.co/TRolAAk8Rb
What a beautiful Roadrunner! https://t.co/CkH3uBd0TR
#Owls https://t.co/vLc1KjwYjf
This is a beautiful Scissor-tailed Flycatcher https://t.co/Ty6v4TsCld
Beautiful capture on a traffic camera! https://t.co/GbmKhdX9PM

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