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NFV & Open Networking Meet-up @Red Hat Israel - sign up now first come, first serve
Fedora back on track with Schrödinger's cat via @regvulture
RT @GuyCarmin:
RT @OpenKVM: Whoa! Finally a recognized benchmark shows that the most complex workloads can be virtualized #ibmsyste…
Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud aids private, public cloud management
RHEV proves to be a cost-effective alternative to vSphere
Deploy Wordpress and Drupal to the Cloud with Two Clicks - for FREE
#Openshift training #RedHat #Munich
You should join me at this Meetup. Check it out and RSVP!
RT @opensourceway: "Openness in government strengthens our democracy and contributes to economic growth." |
oVirt live test
Back to Life with a new Hat :-)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Beta Released
ממשלות צרפת וגרמניה קוראות לגולשים להמנע משימוש באינטרנט אקספלורר -
Arthur is on stage speaking on the new Virtualzation solution from Red Hat --- R H E V ---
δ CLOUD - Many Clouds . One API. No Problem.
Alex pinchev From Red Hat speaking about Cloud computing and Red Hat Vision...
Matrix CTO Ranit Zexer on stage .... הראש בעננים והרגליים על הקרקע
Motti Hadas and Yaniv Leibovich just finished the opening..... Pini Cohen from STKI on stage.
In the Red Hat cloud & Virtualization....

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