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RT @GNCCRacing: Ryan Sipes lead every lap from start to finish, winning his first-ever GNCC in a commanding fashion. RACE REPORT: https://…
@higharii riiiiight like cmon bro no way you are comfy because I am not lolol
@ColeMaston we don't die we just multiply
@higharii I hate cuddling!! like where do I put my arm☹️☹️
sent the gncc today. I was winning but fell so many times lmao was back in 3rd and dicked my elbow real good so I pulled off
@VVombo trust I sleep with 2 dogs and a cat almost every night. my cat will sleep outside some days lol
@EMPAYDEE I can respect that
@EMPAYDEE yea see that would be nice. but after 2 years of everyday bed sharing, I am over it
@rrachy_ looks like my baby when he was a kitten 😭
@EMPAYDEE span of days, like everyday for a month, couple times a week etc
@EMPAYDEE what's the longest you've shared a bed with someone
@EMPAYDEE are u in a relationship rn
who ever decided it was the norm to share a bed with yr significant other can go f themselves
@xFieryy prob gonna recreate that edit
@xFieryy never forget. driffs-back to bellevue
@child_genocide stay strong
@devonmistak haaaaaaaaaate that
always underestimate how sore I'm gonna be when I decide to run after weeks of doing nothing
@FL_Owasco noooo :( sorry bud
throwback banger

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