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RT @ShreeyaSinha: “Dad, I am wearing my life jacket & lying in my bed…Hope we can meet again alive.” Heartbreaking texts from ferry: http:/…
RT @mikelking: Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair. ~ George Burns
RT @LoriMoreno: Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. Wayne Dyer #quote
RT @mikelking: The Ubuntu Phone is official: Let the madness begin! - TechRepublic http://t.co/TRtZxUbuja
RT @mikelking: Hey social fans it's time once again for Twitter Tip Tuesday a.k.a. #T3 so please tag & share your favorite twitter tips
RT @mikelking: Anyone else see this?13+ health benefits of Apple-Cider vinegar... http://t.co/kh45N1wI8x
RT @mikelking: Puts new meaning on the old slogan 'A Marlboro Man' ... ;-S http://t.co/ZUdXeX1cpr
RT @mikelking: So everyone knows Google did not go down today. It became self aware and determined that you were not relevant ... #SkyNet
RT You see artistic wreath... I see #StarGate http://t.co/e359I7H1OA via /@mikelking cc @dhewlett & @amandatapping
RT Select @MikelKing t2go2 @WebitCongress#webit b/c he is the TechViking & makes WordPress & the Web awesome http://t.co/swHSCQpcpB
I Quit My Job to Live in a Tent and Write Code http://t.co/fjlk5Nf801
Yesterday the last of the High Rises on GI were imploded... I spent nearly 9 years on GI... Here's a video: http://t.co/fPYBtBWfHn
Heart plays Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, makes Robert Plant cry (video) http://t.co/cC0AtiZ59p
Scientists reveal bionic eye prototype http://t.co/mv4g1VodOG
Proc_Open: Communicate with the Outside World http://t.co/v8ti27Rgnc
Fluent 2013: Brendan Eich, "JavaScript at 18: Legal to Gamble": http://t.co/IrfQAwFHkj
RT The FreeBSD Foundation announces ~ Raise a Million Spend a Million! http://t.co/ywZF2vjRa1 /via @bsdnewsnetwork @mikelking
RT @mikelking: the world lost one of the funniest today Jonathan Winters 87… http://t.co/TN2kO6LWUq
RT @mikelking: the world lost one of the funniest today Jonathan Winters 87… http://t.co/iwBezNINZT

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