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RT @HolocaustProg: The fantastic chocolate gift packages that we distributed to our survivors at our Queens event in Rego Park. @RegoParkJC…
Do you have a precious darling up in camp? Want to let your camper know they are loved? Send this tower of treats t… https://t.co/yZwDw42mlo
Making our signature #pretzel pies today! Packed with Belgian chocolate and amazing toppings!!! Video in Instagram… https://t.co/mM2GQX3EL9
We are always ready to provide you with the best candies for ANY occasion https://t.co/T4f0usvDEY https://t.co/lZZr3v1QYc
@JLichtenberg we have it now
Monster Chocolate Bark – Great Halloween Candy Idea https://t.co/ilwjtrhNT0
We are all ready for the holiday - production in full mode so we can get your gifts out on time! The smell of Apple… https://t.co/QHw2AR9pFU
These elegant miniature glass barrels are filled with rich oozing golden honey from the Golden Land.… https://t.co/cT6YrpCG1P
Fresh hand made biscotti cookies. Each biscotti has a soft cover of white chocolate and delightful toppings!… https://t.co/wq6IxGG69P
Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich Bar https://t.co/5tBwuTgPy8
RT @FizzyParty: Gummy candies are my downfall :D and @OhNuts hsa great flavor choices. #FizzyPartyTropFest https://t.co/jMBRGxKgV6
RT @FizzyParty: Excited to try this tasty licorice from @OhNuts but I need to wait till #FizzyPartyTropFest https://t.co/Hpx1aIWT1A https:/…
Repin and RT this cute recipe from @OhNuts to Win Candy https://t.co/sp1CyHcxFV
Hamburger Cupcakes and Cookie French Fries https://t.co/0NgEm6ylQE
Repin and RT this recipe to win Passover Cake. https://t.co/LUoqYDnqFA
Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cakes https://t.co/ntWjoqlKBP
Spring Blossoms https://t.co/NNyBVC5SGF #vr4smallbiz
We're Ready for Passover https://t.co/7s5kASJB6F #vr4smallbiz
Candy Rainbow Cake https://t.co/UfLRIfsHpZ
Last Chance for Major US Cities! https://t.co/mgd1kIRuVx #vr4smallbiz

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Yah, Oh! Nuts is the name. I am the CEO with access to tons of Nuts, Candy, and Chocolate. Follow me for great recipes and sweet stuff.

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