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@mikebutcher I've never understood how people use Slack to manage projects of moderate sophistication. It'd make more sense to use Reddit.
@NickLongo The concept of Trump was created by and for the ultra conservative in order to make us non-thinkers.
Turns out that @theundercloud is lightning fast on the @vivaldibrowser.
Analysing a business needn't be boring or complex, not with Porter's Five Forces ( https://t.co/TMnFxqvfv3 ).
Always suspicious of anything that works the first time.
@mattbrailsford @googlechrome @vuejs Neither did I until it got forced on me by the team working on @theundercloud… https://t.co/D5mWJq7Y2h
Having a @googlechrome extension for @vuejs is somewhat transformational.
Hi @coopukfood, I've unsubscribed from your mailing list 3 times and it's made no difference, so a little help would be appreciated.
I'm sure once we upgrade from semaphore to Morse code our internet access should improve.
RT @ceribatchelder: We're working with digital tech businesses and colleges to help shape the digital curriculum - let us know what #digita…
Someone on @LinkedIn got paid by cheque, much confusion ensued.
Sometimes, old is gold. https://t.co/pYrLyiDeBf
However, getting this lot to work with the nebulous Cloudflare infrastructure and their SSL service has been something of a challenge!
I've been working on a WordPress ecommerce website using WooCommerce, and PayPal Pro, undergirded by the excellent Jetpack and VaultPress.
I hit the traffic sweet spot and got in before half seven this morning.
Imagine searching for the Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem but not knowing it by name? Enter @theundercloud, and blessed be each byte of it!
It would be useful to have a sandbox area to publish Alexa Skills to for experimenting with, or did I miss something?
Excellent advice for both new and established businesses. https://t.co/OFbBnRrUxI
Enjoying the stream of news and opinion? Octane on Facebook should also appeal ( https://t.co/naMYp4cMhf ). https://t.co/wsMC80ELIt
Writing an Alexa Skill for @amazonecho has been an experience, and not a good one. OAuth support appears to require magical incantations.

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