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West Wing Week 01/19/17 or, “Obama, Farewell”
President Obama Holds his Final Press Conference
1/17/17: White House Press Briefing
Participating in a Service Project for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
The 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs
Officials from the President-elect Donald Trump incoming administration and President Barack Obama’s Cabinet and…
Weekly Address: The Honor of Serving You as President
1/13/17: White House Press Briefing
Healthy Campus Challenge Day at the White House
Organizational Transformation Symposium
President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Vice President Biden
1/12/17: White House Press Briefing
The Final Minutes of President Obama’s Farewell Address: Yes, we can.
1/11/17: White House Press Briefing
Making Health Care Better: Community Oncology
Farewell Address to the American People
1/9/17: White House Press Briefing
The Record: President Obama on Climate and Energy
President Obama’s Reflections Ahead of His Farewell Address
The Record: President Obama on Health Care in America

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