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Feliscratch is a new product form the makers of Feliway. If your cat is scratching every where but the... https://t.co/wotb2zcB5E
Our medical pet shirts are not only good after an operation but also good for protecting skin problems from being... https://t.co/75Bhm65glX
Meet Marlow Murphy and Joe, they were all in for castration a few days ago. They are such lovely happy boys!... https://t.co/gUy9z6ya0v
Does you cat suffer from Kidney Problems? We know how hard it can be getting a cat to eat a specific diet. So we... https://t.co/BHS9wYUpUf
All dogs need a least 2 walks per day to keep fit and healthy, and doing this also keeps yourself healthy!! https://t.co/ZiepJBodpX
Do you have any pictures of your feline friends doing something silly? https://t.co/VbtKcmRt4d
If you need any help or advice on your rabbits nutrition call your local branch to book a free nurse appointment. https://t.co/ANNgggDtDk
Bringing your cat to the vets can be a stressful time, in some cases even before you have left the house. Follow... https://t.co/qGrWs6OEs8
Warmer weather will hopefully be arriving soon. With that comes added risks for your bunnies. Warmer weather... https://t.co/SU1RJj2CMX
With Mother's Day round the corner, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that lilies are very dangerous... https://t.co/0TkdbFWmkA
We are now giving a free goodie pack away to all our clients with cats and dogs that join our pet health care... https://t.co/bFoyz60zIf
With spring on its way there will be lots of sheep with their new born Lambs. Its very important to keep your dog... https://t.co/D8kaQN5yb2
Mia came in to visit us today. She had puppies not to long ago. Next to her is little Jasper her son who is now 4... https://t.co/WfFcYWeO8a
Is your pet nervous of the vets?! All our clients are more than welcome to bring their dogs in for social visits... https://t.co/hkOYvlcvVJ
The weekend is almost over! But here is some puppy love to cheer you all up. Chloe is so so happy to visit us. https://t.co/ADyPXeY5FN
Louis came in to see us because his owners noticed he had very smelly breath! On examination we found that Louis... https://t.co/zka0btSfjF
With spring creeping up on us do not forget the risk of Daffodils! https://t.co/nkH49nV0GA
Little Murphy and Louis came in a few days ago. They both joined on the pet health care plan and had their... https://t.co/LJ0RWM2LsP
Smudge came in last week to have a microchip. Its almost a year since it was made law to get all dogs over the... https://t.co/JunBihrNVd
Well done! So many of you guessed correctly. The very handsome cat shown yesterday was a Norwegian Forest Cat! https://t.co/qZpcLll1we

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The Oakfield Veterinary Clinic are experienced veterinary surgeons who offer treatments to sick animals along with well-being and healthcare advice.

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