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Former Mass Effect animator explains Andromeda's animation problems with beautiful clarity
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Resident Evil 7 nearly had a dog called Diane and ditched a breath-holding button after worries it'd cause hypoxia…
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How to find the missing Arks in Mass Effect: Andromeda
How Valve cracked open the FPS formula and then put it back together in Half-Life 2
Did Tali look like Megan Fox with cybernetic implants… or George Bush? Here's our favorite Mass Effect moments…
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Destiny: Age of Triumph has new armor sets that give you robot legs and/or back tentacles
Secrets and references to the original Mass Effect games in Andromeda
Suicide mission: how Mass Effect 2's finale plays your emotions to make death genuinely mean something…
A lot of Mass Effect: Andromeda players are disappointed by its male/male romance options

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