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A surprise insight into Walmart’s TV ads: TweetI recently had the good fortune to be at a small, money-can’t-buy... http://t.co/Z9dCqa10
To fly but not serve (how to lose customers and negatively influence people): TweetBusinesses thrive on loyalty:... http://t.co/symr0lDp
Interview with Huddlebuy: TweetHuddlebuy (the “Amazing deals for small businesses, startups and professionals” p... http://t.co/UdVTuILK
Learning from US marketing techniques.: TweetSpending 3 weeks in the US recently got me deliberating US v’s UK o... http://t.co/wd5tpWd
Surprises from Google’s 1st brand management director: Tweet  Google’s 1st ever brand management director speaki... http://bit.ly/pVM8t9
Hi followers! Its Melissa here, I've been tweeting for Oliver's blog. Follow him @owilkinson1 for all his latest tweets on business & life!
When copywriting goes copywrong: TweetFirstly, sorry about the painful pun. I’d forgive you for leaving at this ... http://bit.ly/nryMhw
@pekpongpaet Any sign of when this will be introduced to analytics? Might seem confusing for people in Google Reader about which to use!
@anitafiander "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill #quote
@SusanCosmos "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson #quote
@hamlesh There seems to be big plans for G+. Webmasters & social plugins have been quick to get on this. Any sign of it being in analytics?
Tips for young entrepreneurs: TweetI’ve recently written tips for young, budding entrepreneurs on teenentreprene... http://bit.ly/mzExfk
@tamsinfd don't you think consumers react more to discounting than added value offers though Tamsin?
@startupcafe If you're interested in entrepreneurialship, IT, technology and business have a look at my blog at http://t.co/PZVVFee
@thulme Good read. What would you advise as the biggest factor and cultural difference for someone wanting to enter the US market?
@PaulDJohnston Caught that myself. Very good perspective really. Opened my eyes a bit about it all and how much value there is in innovation
@liamgooding Thanks for the #ff How are things with Microwd going?
Rollercoaster love affair with a …. coffee machine: A blog about usability, copywriting, user interface design c... http://bit.ly/kB5Fp8
@robinklein Great to see- hungry employees looking to be rewarded for helping grow start ups. Fully support the idea - check out my blog too
@DougRichard I guess the hard question is how to create a platform to facilitate, support & encourage growth in the future for SMBs...

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