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@TawaSahn We're still here friend. The OG. The one and only. Alive and kicking. (You get the picture). -KH
@scottmccloud Was going to leave a witty comment and then saw the other insanely creative replies. - KH
@jcude @amazon ... or Detroit.
RT @ananavarro: Ppl of Puerto Rico & USVI are American. Many serve/die for our country. Need to worry, care, help post-Maria, just like if…
@dtboyd ps. You, I and @Hillerns should do a happy hour sometime soon.
@dtboyd I took that same break, but have yet to pick it back up. Too many nightmares! -KH
@dtboyd Insane was the word I used.
@xtinaissharp Right? I get the limitation of the form factor, but there must be a better way. -KH
@CenturyLinkHelp @benlat You say "it's not a surcharge" then link to an article with "surcharge" in the title!?! 🤷🏼‍♂️
@KateGL @SlackHQ Wrong OVO.
@Drake remember us? P.S. Did you know your name rhymes with cake?
@MITDistrict @Drake Imposter. In the immortal words of The Highlander: There can be only one.
@_rllii You don't say!?
@BroadleyCreativ Spangly Hoarding is our porn name.
@trebortate65 @OVOEnergy Don't trust Tim, Robert. He's not the man he claims to be. Now Tom, there's a solid chap..… https://t.co/2hLyy1Ukfp
@Darren_Barton19 It's true. But don't tell anyone.
@the_aze @stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast @OVOEnergy Quiet? Quite the opposite! Thus the "4 months" part. Every once i… https://t.co/SCcnN0GXrA
@the_aze @stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast We're not on speaking terms. He's still mad about that thing at the wedding.
@makiyuh That's nice.
@trebortate65 Really?

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OVO® is a branding consultancy specializing in naming, visual identity and integrated marketing. Tweets by Kyle Hildebrant (KH) and Ryan Durant (RD)

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