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They know not what they do: https://t.co/kpIf0sGiTl https://t.co/0P8ELVEkHM
Made to kill ( get 20% of everything with code “FRIDAY20”): https://t.co/RC1w7MZknm https://t.co/tpoMPeCWg9
15 party dresses to rock all night long: https://t.co/uAGN8zDI4q https://t.co/3Fs5mF1dsC
We’re extending our Black Friday Sale through Sunday! Use code “FRIDAY20” at checkout: https://t.co/Ow2ZFKWXKe https://t.co/fvDWnqA0Bj
55 finds for your cat lady friend: https://t.co/0DHVPcDmWF https://t.co/tnCLb2uWep
This true story of a mother threatening suicide over a marriage is heart-wrenching: https://t.co/4X14UsGzE1 https://t.co/w8v1rLcHJe
This label makes some cutting edge jewellery: https://t.co/jDSm7lUML1 https://t.co/7qLJjKdb1a
Bad news: This is how sleeping in is bad for your health: https://t.co/KBDZQ5NuU7 https://t.co/IJIYYRMlu4
How to hide your holiday food baby (credit: @iamfashionlaine): https://t.co/Ng95ha15jO https://t.co/25xNF8AAoL
Beauty secrets straight from the @AHSFX set: https://t.co/E2IeZQpWdN https://t.co/uY6pPzFLma
The Aussie label all the cool girls are carrying: https://t.co/LV46Tcha4K https://t.co/EiYGZYzksZ
How the coolest girls on the internet find new music: https://t.co/jgBfjCIU2q https://t.co/h8I8LQlOAd
These are the handbags every blogger is DYING for: https://t.co/76aVXZaIqg https://t.co/NszFav0mWl
It’s on and puppin’ (credit: mollmarlette): https://t.co/8nOLmpmTS8 https://t.co/LFAjUAlf08
Oh no—Chris Brown and Rihanna collaborated again, and it's not okay: https://t.co/Of4LK6L0g9 https://t.co/99hzFpY5Bh
Was yesterday's Planned Parenthood shooting an attack on women's rights?: https://t.co/uQlFPKr4cd https://t.co/dE64rxcwL1
OMG. @Sia's new song is unbelievably beautiful: https://t.co/O94LREdBqr https://t.co/Ey5qKb3OTp
These winter boots are anything but clunky: https://t.co/I21Su8rUj8 https://t.co/A0NfWHnasu
Whoa. @MIAuniverse just dropped the most powerful video of 2015: https://t.co/p5cEhifDQh https://t.co/IFbUpj9acE
From brick wall to your wall: bring home this street artist’s designs: https://t.co/bOX0ZOnlHB https://t.co/YF4uQIc6HS

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