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Call us biased, but @Sunflower_Bean's new music video is KICKASS : http://t.co/8T3f4QYdiS http://t.co/spqAZGygcl
The best Parisian street style from Paris Fashion Week day 3, shot by @on_abbotkinney: http://t.co/OkzDZq6pXj http://t.co/s79yWYmd21
So @Twilight is actually coming back. And this time, it's feminist: http://t.co/UCJceebqPJ http://t.co/SAnlmZX528
Things are about to get creepy: http://t.co/AM7ogVt8BA
So @Caradelevingne's new @dkny collection totally rocks: http://t.co/HlPGp9VfAW http://t.co/WzyaSSPQM5
Happy hour and Grumpy Cat, a match made in heaven: http://t.co/VzvlKRkiXA
How to dress for a 90's-style rave: http://t.co/CO0jiCXrQp
Biche, please: http://t.co/SlKHS5khhO
This is what @Miami_Horror listens to: http://t.co/61bJjU8aqw http://t.co/7UiQx4Qu4F
'The Theory of Everything' is going to win Eddie Redmayne an Oscar: http://t.co/034DjPbR53 http://t.co/1mP6hL1HbP
We know what's new on Netflix this month: http://t.co/lqIT6eQo9m http://t.co/YQyKworo4o
It's official: @GameOfThrones' Gilly is in it to win it-both seven kingdoms and an Oscar: http://t.co/jy9Owic2G4 http://t.co/w0mWRaFaOY
This is how Japan does androgynous style: http://t.co/QTKfpI31jS http://t.co/kgfXBV7szA
10 face oils that will change your life. Seriously: http://t.co/lSHyip9xgn http://t.co/4yWGQbfRIH
Whoa, @LanaDelRey has a surprising role on the new season of @AHSFX : http://t.co/XZ1xMqHPWs http://t.co/zGhLVwqdr2
#DealoftheDay- Get 15% off the "Totes Ma Goats" tank with code "TOTES15" at checkout: http://t.co/GFLgVu3e5A
The news you need to know before 8am: http://t.co/wKTyqnxZVt http://t.co/bMBfWYS9mO
15% off the "Karl Instant Disguise" beanie ends at midnight with code "KARL15" at checkout: http://t.co/toRTetdEfU
Three cool ways to wear snapbacks -- because they're not just for the boys: http://t.co/wFusOk8moF http://t.co/1NwyLWZnlO
Best news we've heard all day: newness from @localheroes just landed on NYLONshop: http://t.co/Oz0i2wrekQ

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