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WHOA @RubyRose looks *amazing* in her new role: http://t.co/3ubKzAyU7a http://t.co/yAzaSB2Wn4
This acoustic performance is *so* incredibly beautiful: http://t.co/zpZ05qWnWt http://t.co/YBxD5hcden
This is who's *actually* winning the #GameOfThrones: http://t.co/tpH6isLXyx http://t.co/GKkZoxQe7T
Meet @HANAtruly, the unknown singer that @Grimezsz, Lana + @lordemusic are obsessed with: http://t.co/JatR3WINsS http://t.co/pCWmkQlkuM
I want candy http://t.co/R3KCrxf1nV http://t.co/iw4w5OmOga
How to finally see everyone who's defriended you on Facebook (if that's your thing): http://t.co/h9mBz1H1Ve http://t.co/MQttrmAGBl
9 celebrities who are (or have been) on Tinder: http://t.co/tMGF52KZsm http://t.co/pGSUX1bwGq
Watch Lily-Rose Depp rap to @rejjiesnow's sweet music in his new video: http://t.co/gTB993gzWm http://t.co/AwXvjtDn5H
Blake Lively ditched her blonde hair—and looks AMAZING: http://t.co/pZsqG9F3VJ http://t.co/lDO9oVNgHr
This new app automatically makes all of your Tinder decisions for you: http://t.co/Jb0iRgLFuv http://t.co/KjjzSvXpw9
A shirtless Zac Efron posts picture of him + his shirtless brother, breaks internet: http://t.co/fqSvmZEQG5 http://t.co/4RS319MkHs
5 deceivingly easy topknots that will change your bun game: http://t.co/iNPdutotQE http://t.co/t4A0V1imaX
OMG @KimletGordon + her daughter Coco Moore look SO badass in Marc Jacobs' new ad: http://t.co/u1DIYypvQl http://t.co/t4BmpjUMC6
Prince Charming and his secret brother are getting their own movie—and it sounds scandalous: http://t.co/zPirJMccM8 http://t.co/mYgCjoCbhn
Your summer love horoscope is here—and it's GOOD: http://t.co/8zL6t49vmf http://t.co/LX3oasmZzl
Watch the new, emotional 'I Am Cait' trailer: http://t.co/byabcKUFPa http://t.co/3BGBlneNS1
See @OfficialKat dressed as her favorite beauty icons in this incredible @byrdiebeauty shoot: http://t.co/NLFCFCb3vc http://t.co/2nwIOOKNUn
Get it girl. @flamcis goes graphic in the NYLON x @MotelRocks collab skirt: http://t.co/bawulfYC55 http://t.co/BhMqVgLHsD
Hurry! 25% off all of NYLONshop​ ends at midnight with code "YAS25" at checkout: http://t.co/R2Y03V5yb0 http://t.co/WuxajZBeE7
20 minimalist tattoos every design-obsessed person will love: http://t.co/SuovIghNqP http://t.co/MNBc6Ntoon

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