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9 candles every badass needs to own: http://t.co/zbcdnSIdnB http://t.co/CCWnyI9r4a
8 recipes every adult should know how to make: http://t.co/O97ECFTBK7 http://t.co/ATdPTJMnNu
The 10 hottest #GameOfThrones characters of all-time: http://t.co/7IZWIbrIOM http://t.co/0IGJi7qSEz
10 tips to become Instagram famous: http://t.co/bE0EH5CoUt http://t.co/VrcchP6SMe
10 children's books you need to reread: http://t.co/T9WM4wjoME http://t.co/ALOABvHYQv
8 super-cute pictures of young love on the red carpet: http://t.co/iztpMQif5p http://t.co/nB4TdGYq8L
This amazing app is the Netflix of books: http://t.co/pPsgngFP9H http://t.co/0m7CeAnFzB
All the pretty headwear you need for festival season: http://t.co/NH8wiBibII http://t.co/HxTthuCFsq
7 Korean beauty brands you have to try: http://t.co/Otnig2kowb http://t.co/uWexFApxYg
SO OBSESSED with @NastyGal's new collab. See it here: http://t.co/MJe9of52z7 http://t.co/XxjYA2UdP7
#DealoftheDay- Get 15% off the "Weekends are for Waffles" crew with code "WAFFLE15": http://t.co/J2ytvkelnD http://t.co/H6THKWrArZ
Welp, it's official: James Bond has never been more bad-ass: http://t.co/JNxOR8VfKT http://t.co/2OPc4Nzc7A
7 drugstore beauty buys the pros swear by: http://t.co/MmIr2ZrtN7 http://t.co/mHQn4sNUEU
RT @DivergentSeries: Why Tris & Four Have a Truly Powerful Romance: http://t.co/jnNo4ZpfwO via @NylonMag
Did this @lenadunham joke offend you? Apparently, it has people up in arms...http://t.co/ZrIKQMBeDW http://t.co/6IqCD5CKTj
The one movie you should watch this weekend: http://t.co/DoOvLVf9Pi http://t.co/UXRmyAAD0Q
Sia Shows The Perfectly Sia Way To Cover A Mag: http://t.co/FeCHmX7pCP http://t.co/oJJZfNVl9G
10 super-flattering culottes everyone can wear: http://t.co/3uFVHtcgnc http://t.co/QESTurOZ6h
6 rad riot grrrl beauty looks to try now: http://t.co/BYHZ56PZsf http://t.co/KLZRDn4s3l
The 8 best insults from the Justin Bieber Roast: http://t.co/qzF6Bf3t9o http://t.co/bypVtesfkx

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