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!! @parksandrecnbc's @Nick_Offerman talks about why women rule the world: http://t.co/OuuxQE75cg http://t.co/i40Yiq5Rxx
Your favorite Kardashian just went full-on blonde (and she looks amazing!): http://t.co/hnJf9TzAkg http://t.co/FsqvGY6HVM
It's here! Shop looks straight out of our March Issue: http://t.co/w6nMMUu2zL http://t.co/y1UKTCcJrw
Listen to @HAIMtheband + @m83news' MAGICAL new song for the @Divergent soundtrack: http://t.co/lrZ3MTW2ps http://t.co/A0CdsZlF7d
Are @Caradelevingne + @Beyonce working on a secret album?: http://t.co/eofmkjxmpP http://t.co/H4DmMzybPw
Hate it or love it, the St. Patty's shop is here: http://t.co/zPeR9HbKvm http://t.co/tMpyCLDRbu
Lady Gaga & her fiance doing a Polar Plunge is basically the cutest thing ever: http://t.co/45q5eAp36U http://t.co/dR2YI0Dg5B
Put on your suede dancing shoes and listen to @MarinasDiamonds' STELLAR new song: http://t.co/C7jIA4K4Yu http://t.co/OsoWbmgFHX
Kanye West's new album name is pretty sacrilegious (again): http://t.co/cedRYXV15Y http://t.co/q4PJKRQM1Q
Lupita Nyong'o finally got the news she's been waiting for: http://t.co/q6Qg89kDL8 http://t.co/wiTkZj0eX5
10 super-cool off-the-shoulder shirts to shop now: http://t.co/8JDB6xoDUP http://t.co/JLyo9mT7y4
Chrissy Teigen ditches the blonde hair, looks AMAZING. See her new look here: http://t.co/BvVC287Ry5
Scarlett Johansson finally talks that super weird John Travolta pic: http://t.co/yc5066nie9 http://t.co/WSPm0Iwjnt
Kelly Osbourne has some big news: http://t.co/tBoF1UMDc6 http://t.co/cg6uWodpUI
Shia LaBeouf now has a rat tail and eyebrow piercing and we are feeling it. See the look here: http://t.co/yqP3v7p74w
See Eddie Redmayne portray a transgender woman in his most important role yet: http://t.co/8gTrrWtMUd http://t.co/YGwLzHPrlm
8 ways to channel your inner '70s beauty queen: http://t.co/xYJ37HPtX5 http://t.co/OjAPnFpw4C
8 perfumes made for book lovers: http://t.co/EyZwonLY50 http://t.co/LVi4N9OIqm
8 ways to shop a sample sale like a pro: http://t.co/xyljmIjEna http://t.co/CHNuzbUNlB
How to get long, thick eyelashes WITHOUT mascara: http://t.co/V1fENAYR79 http://t.co/oEK9fJ4AAt

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