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No glove, no love: http://t.co/91FQpWfJY0 http://t.co/DBpqv5MOfK
Goodbye, overly sequined NYE bodycon: http://t.co/SnCieKI8IQ http://t.co/m0npXf2unY
10 patent leather shoes to get you through the winter: http://t.co/cLDjXFbzli http://t.co/PigVQHzD9c
"Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal" :http://t.co/UdWngNPTba http://t.co/1EVh0K6F2r
Still can't get over @charli_xcx's amazing @backstreetboys cover: http://t.co/DrKxaW8AYw http://t.co/iEnhkQOdp0
16 cool jackets that will keep you warm all winter (15% off with code "WINTER15" at checkout: http://t.co/IFMK6ZYyK6 http://t.co/ujePtL8WeW
OMG!! One of your favorite '80s Winona Ryder films is getting a sequel: http://t.co/Lhs1oyCTjS http://t.co/cNaRXUoxLi
Cat ladies, eat your hearts out: http://t.co/TR2KZQFF1m http://t.co/ftYzsrAKQH
The first #HealthGoth video is here and it's, err, interesting: http://t.co/pwyvqvJnBO http://t.co/1nl2fVoUaV
Pizza state of mind. (15% off with code "WINTER15" at checkout!): http://t.co/PowtXwvh2O http://t.co/eR6iwd9D0j
How to have a seriously awesome, witchy winter solstice (straight from a practicing witch): http://t.co/GchhUIx1H5 http://t.co/gzLvlPJFSm
This new fashion app shows you how to wear your new piece a million different ways: http://t.co/dJWv9tzBRT http://t.co/8rPWt1e3d8
9 adorable earrings that make our hearts melt: http://t.co/5xxZX7ObYn http://t.co/3dRVVCjlnZ
Meet the coolest trio of weirdos and your new favorite band, @boytoyband: http://t.co/O6xStxJhlV http://t.co/TM7eJjpSLh
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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is all grown up. And wins our favorite fashion moment of the week: http://t.co/r8xnOt8i74 http://t.co/VwVYCSbeCc
Wow. @KendallJenner's Vogue spread is absolutely stunning: http://t.co/wiDWXedTuN http://t.co/DAak43FAXw
So...your old '90s toys may just be worth a lot of money. Like, a lot: http://t.co/muqP3MoKw1 http://t.co/h1ZmyvnYpf
WHOA this new rock doc featuring @Zelladay may be the most beautiful ever: http://t.co/QTxAQH87oK http://t.co/AwqrmjPVhK
Weekends are for waffles: http://t.co/vyFWKhB4xL http://t.co/kJ1yjw4Fvu

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