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Reading: "BBC Reveals New Coding & Computing Content for UK School Curriculum" - c/o @TNW
RT @tankpr: Good to see our friend Miss. @EmillyLadybird (aka @SparklyJem) in The @Independent this morning :)
Why Social Media Managers Need to be Content Creators - by me :)
Reading: "Quick Guide to Retargeting on #Facebook Website Custom Audiences" - c/o @Clickz
RT @alizasherman: Love finding gems online like this 2009 podcast "Yank & Limey" that I did with @nikhewitt
@alizasherman Ha! That was good fun. Really doesn't feel like over 5 years ago! :)
Reading: "It's Over: The Rise & Fall of #Google #Authorship for Search Results" - by @stonetemple
Reading: "Official: #Google Ends #Authorship for Search Results" - by @rustybrick #ouch
Reading: "40 of the Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make you Stop & Think" - c/o @michoncreative
RT @tankpr: On our Blog Today: Totally Topical ~ The Holy Grail of Thought Leadership - #thoughtleadership
RT @tankpr: From our friends at Loughborough Uni - Geco Hub: The Colourful #Kickstarter to Help us Stop Losing Things -…
Reading: "Twitter Opens Analytics Dashboard to Everyone" - by @grg
Reading" #Twitter Moving Ahead With Plan to Introduce 'buy' Button" - c/o @DigitalTrends
RT @TheNextWeb: Facebook wants to kill click-bait headlines in the News Feed by @epro
RT @BBCBreaking: Oscar-winning "brilliant" actor and director Richard Attenborough dies aged 90…
RT @DirtyWHOers: Mother of god, what fresh hell is this?! #waitingforwho
@SparklyJem Dinner out with ya hubby, f'sure ;) x
RT @tankpr: Our client @cornerhousetv wants to know your favourite venues for the People's Choice Awards. Let them know here!…
Reading: "BBC invites #DoctorWho Fans to Pilot the #Tardis in YouTube Takeover" - c/o @thedrum
Friday at @tankpr just got serious. Thanks @MarieAnneLeuty :) x

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