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@RichardMackney Gardening. Might pop in for a swift few later ;)
Lawn Mowed: Achievement Unlocked.
Reading: "Introducing #StarWarsEmojis" - #c3po
BUY THIS for £1.50: @AandMfilm = best feature length movie I've ever seen for £200k -
Reading: "Twitter is winning the live #streaming battle" - #socialmedia
Reading: "Tumblr unveils 24-hr Ad that sits atop viewers' dashboard" - c/o @adweek
I apologise to my colleagues at @TankPR. Today is a day for strong coffee & punk bagpipes... -
Reading: "Spotify launches playlist targeting for brands, by mood!" - << damn, I love this idea :)
Wanted: Digital Manager for @TankPR to drive SEO, digital PR & PPC services for clients. Must like dogs - #nottingham
Reading: "10 psychological triggers to boost revenues" - c/o @conversioner_
Reading: "Is it actually ironic? 3 TED-Ed Lessons on irony" -
Reading: "#Twitter Embedded Tweets: Redesigned for the modern web" - by @JakeHarding
RT @skyatnightmag: New evidence for liquid water may have been found on Mars by the @MarsCuriosity rover. http://t.c…
Reading: "Snapchat gets rid of brand stories, Its original ad platform" - by @tweets_amanda
RT @tankpr: #Reddit's launched an 'Upvoted Weekly Newsletter' to highlight the best of its content - by @ow
Reading: "Periscope, Meerkat & the Journalism of now" - by @jeremylittau
RT @BigBearButt: Show me someone that knows how to fix a lot of problems and I'll show you someone that breaks a lot of his own stuff and f…
WANTED: #Digital being for @TankPR. Apply within - #nottingham #jobs #vacancies
Reading: "R.I.P. Blogging, Killed by Screenshorts" - by @ow
Reading: "Report: #Twitter pressuring celebs to use Periscope over Meerkat" - #simples

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Working & lecturing in Digital Community, social media development, SEO, PPC, virtual worlds & film/video. Old-school Dr. Who & Marvel comics geek.

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