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Leonard Nimoy. Great shame.
RT @mb_studio: Always handy having Madonna around to check if the milk's off >
RT @SimSpotLtd: Last chance to take part in our great #comp & follow & retweet for chance to #win 30 min experience - value £109 Winner ann…
RT @Frank_Underwood: I am fully prepared. And I have been for some time.
Monica Bellucci to play a Bond girl in Spectre? Perfect! Could Hollywood finally rethinking age? - :)
Reading: "Dancers in Nazi costumes perform Springtime for Hitler as #Ukip delegates arrive" - #prstunt
Reading: "#Google will rank your site higher if it's mobile friendly starting April 21st" - c/o @TNW
Reading: "A few good online petition tools" - << excellent list c/o @idealware
Reading: "Emotional headlines get shared more on #socialmedia" - c/o @coschedule
Reading: "What does the 'Future of the BBC' report actually mean for viewers?" - c/o @radiotimes
Reading: "Why the future of #Facebook is (almost) all about your smartphone" - by @stuartdredge
@crowdfire Like the new name! That was a surprise when I logged in ;)
Reading: "What it’s like to try Magic Leap’s take on virtual reality" - c/o @TechReview
Tip for you: If you ever visit the eye hospital & the appointment letter says "Don't Drive"... DON'T DRIVE. /sigh
Reading: "3-person IVF law passes House of Lords" - c/o @wired
Reading: "Don't be a content marketing dinosaur: 5 must-haves to stay current" - by @ericosiu
Reading: "Twitter testing analytics for individual tweets" - c/o @TNWsocialmedia
RT @tankpr: Snapchat's founder thinks adding more music features is the next step for the app - c/o @Guardian #tech …
Reading: "Do you really need more #Facebook likes? The data driven answer" - c/o @kissmetrics
Reading: "#China will start censoring online usernames this Sunday" - by @ChinaGeeks

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Working & lecturing in Digital Community, social media development, SEO, PPC, virtual worlds & film/video. Old-school Dr. Who & Marvel comics geek.

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