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What makes people unfollow brands? - by me :) #socialmedia
What triggers the #LinkedIn Pulse algorithm? - c/o @linkedinsights1 & @martin_harrispr
Reading: "The Psychology of Curiosity" by George Loewenstein - #psychology #socialmedia
By me on the @TankPR blog today: "Why agencies need to become educators" - #socialmedia
Booked for #ShakeUpEurope in London in November - c/o @socialmedia2day. 50% off tickets 'til tomorrow. Nice one :)
My good friend @Martin_HarrisPR. Telling it like it is :)
RT @alizasherman: 4 Typography Tips to Make Your Content More Readable
What are your competitors doing on #socialmedia? - by @BridgetQuigg
RT @wandrinshepherd: Great lunch at @NVA_nottingham with @nikhewitt pizza toasties #pacman & my favourite thing as a kid #Sega Mega Drive h…
The social media last will & testament - c/o @thepoke
#Facebook testing LinkedIn-like profile tagging feature - by @RobSin91
@thedrum How about functionality to view search results 'by time'? ;) #IfIRanTwitter
Anyone know why my animated GIFs are working here but not on other #Facebook brand pages? -
I can't get 'The Numbskulls' out of my head every time I see an advert for the new Pixar movie :)
Google announces a complete redesign of Dynamic Search Ads (DSA’s) -
A 6-step guide to tracking #sociamedia in #GoogleAnalytics - << great overview by @k_cisnero c/o @hootsuite
In which @everywhereist wastes everyone’s time answering spam emails. AGAIN - c/o @martin_harrispr ;)
Orca sightings off #Ceredigion coast, says @SeaTrustWales - #Aberystwyth #wales
RT @gamecity: Once again, the BBC Micro attracts a certain kind of customer/ programmer…
By me :)

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