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RT @peraconsulting: Looking forward to our @GrowthAccel 'Faster Route to #Biz Growth' event tonight with guest speakers @nikhewitt & @FabCo…
Reading: "60 Awesome Social-Media Tools for Entrepreneurs" - by @jeff_haden cc: @wandrinshepherd
Reading: "Facebook at Work set to launch in January to rival LinkedIn" - c/o @mailonline
Backing The Kitty Cafe c/o @kittycafenotts on @kickstarter! Bringing a new cat cafe to #Nottingham! - cc: @SparkyJem
Reading: "Don’t Quit #Facebook Yet" - c/o @SHIFTcomm
Reading: "Global Online Population Hits 3 Billion" - by @leopinion
@Vampcat66 I've heard REALLY cool things about it. Have fun! :)
At @HMCMuseum tomorrow with the splendid folks of @GrowthAccel. Talking #SocialMedia strategy for business growth -
Penguins of Madagascar? WTF? Disney, do you know who your 'audience with disposable income' is? Not a web release? No? #StarWarsEpisodeVII
Reading: "UK Plans to Reveal Watered-Down “Snooper’s Charter” to Collect Citizens’ IP Addresses" - c/o @pandodaily
Reading: “’Selling off NHS for profit’: Full list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms” -
Reading: "Robots Face new Test of Creative Abilities" - by @janewakefield cc: @sparklyjem
Reading: "Data Scientists are Changing the Face of Business Intelligence" - c/o @TNW
Reading: "Why Customer Experience Will be Transformed in the Next 5 Years" - c/o @mycustomer
Read the book first, but thoroughly enjoyed #FoxgloveSummer by @Ben_Aaronovitch c/o @audibleuk -
RT @ConstantContact: Facebook adds structured status update feature to Pages (featuring emoticons!)…
Reading: "How Your Friends Affect Your Charitable Donations Online [survey]" - c/o @CharityDigiNews
Reading: "How to Optimize Your Images to Work Across Social Networks" - c/o @smexaminer << nice tips!
National Mobile Brief for @TankPR (my agency/dept.) - c/o @BLMEastMidlands :)
Reading: "Adobe Advances Data-Driven Marketing Across Mobile Devices" - c/o @businesswire

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Working & lecturing in Digital Community, social media development, SEO, PPC, virtual worlds & film/video. Old-school Dr. Who & Marvel comics geek.

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