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@Spotify Hey folks. FYI, love my Spotify Premium. Can't imagine life without it! Any chance of a sleep timer for iOS in the next release? :)
Watching Columbo & getting some work done. Struck by what an amazing Peter Falk tribute @MarkRuffalo could do. Time for a Hollywood movie?
Cheers @oldspot. Best cracker prize. EVAH! #christmas2014
Reading: "Top Brands Find Much More Engagement on Instagram than Twitter" - by @JLaffertyIF
Reading: "Facebook Testing Official Way to Sell Goods in Groups" - by @ow
Just been brought a massive bacon & tomato butty by @Fiona28, which makes her awesome person of the day.
@alizasherman Hey you. Happy birthday ;) x
Very pleasant stay at the @MercureNotts. Highly recommend it. Rested, breakfasted, caffeinated, & ready to embrace the day :)
Sometimes, you just know you picked the right hotel... #DoctorWho
Reading: "The Worldwide Growth of Social & Mobile In 2014 [Infographic]" - by @KymleeIsAwesome
RT @tankpr: Annual festive party, plus our 5yr anniversary! #christmas2014
Reading: "Twitter & Foursquare Partnership in 2015" - c/o @businessinsider
RT @MMFlint: Dear Sony Hackers: now that u run Hollywood, I'd also like less romantic comedies, fewer Michael Bay movies and no more Transf…
RT @TheDrum: Google Chrome to name and shame 'non-secure' sites to boost consumer protecting #HTTPS uptake http://t.…
Reading: "Ecommerce Trend: Keep Your Eyes on Visual Search" - c/o @getelastic
Reading: "The World in Their Hands: Adopting a Mobile-First Mentality" - c/o @facebook
Reading: "Connected Generation as Lonely as the Elderly" - c/o @telegraph
Reading: "What’s Your [Social Media] Audiences Preferred Colour Scheme?" - by @twbrey
Reading: "FOBO (Fear of Being Offline) & How Marketers on #Facebook can Exploit it" - c/o @AllFacebook
Reading: "#Facebook Ditches #Bing, Plans to Introduce own Search Tool" - by @MyolisiSikupela

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Working & lecturing in Digital Community, social media development, SEO, PPC, virtual worlds & film/video. Old-school Dr. Who & Marvel comics geek.

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