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Why you can't measure your #socialmedia ROI - by me over on the @TankPR blog. #ukbiz
RT @OnePerfectShot: Released 30yrs ago today: BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) Director of Photography: Dean Cundey | Dir: Robert Zemeckis http://…
Swarm revives #Foursquare's mayorships, restoring your self-worth - c/o @engadget
Content is King: Creative thinking, exceptional copy writing, etc. Accept no substitute - by @maxbevis c/o @tankpr
My good mate @Biker_Buzz kept these for me for 25 yrs & gave me them back last night. Game on? #dungeonsanddragons
#Facebook is testing ad-supported videos, will share revenue with creators -
#Facebook now taking into account more actions on videos - #edgerank
@SpaceWalkerVR @Futurelab Nice, but I'm thinkin' $4,839 may be a wee bit out of my price range ;)
@iambenwood Cheers Ben ;)
H.P. Lovecraft describes unspeakable things from #StarWars - c/o @something_awful
Rasher of bacon found in Worthing Library book - c/o @brightonargus #slownewsday?
'Her' is coming to real life: Meet #Google's chat box - c/o @bigthink
@Pollage @tankpr Cheers ;)
Ash Vs. Evil Dead: First official Bruce Campbell image - c/o @ComicBookdotcom #groovy
3 #Facebook native video facts & why they matter for your social strategy - c/o @PageModo
How can we use EdgeRank to get our #Facebook posts seen? I'm glad you asked... -
How #Google may use searcher, usage, & clickstream behaviour to impact rankings - c/o @randfish #seo
It's official: Hottest July day ever recorded in England - #ukheatwave
#Facebook's new logo is even more generic than the old one... - c/o @verge #branding
If "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" were set in Britain - << classic ;)

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Working & lecturing in Digital Community, social media development, SEO, PPC, virtual worlds & film/video. Old-school Dr. Who & Marvel comics geek.

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