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Get ready for more call-to-action buttons on #Facebook videos - c/o @wersm
Facebook for dreams: Scientists map our brain’s social networks - c/o @qz
Nicely played Aldi... Nicely played - :)
@Pollage I was hoping for wee bit more Scarlet Witch. But that's just the story of my life... 😏
#Instagram has shut down access to its API - c/o @wersm
@Pollage Hmmm, you sure that's not Black Panther? ;)
Walking through the park & in to work today, @LittleMollyDog made 48 people smile involuntarily :) #dogsrule
@TimsKitchen1878 An honour & a privilege.
@TimsKitchen1878 Congrats again, bro. Great night ;)
The drug lords of tomorrow will be biohackers - c/o @motherboard
Go to Google right now & search “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” - c/o @qz << just do it :)
Captain America: Civil War Trailer - #makeminemarvel
Tweets sent during live TV drive majority of impressions for series programs - c/o @thedrum
@Pollage @tankpr Stimulus & response? Seems so... That said, I always like the possibilities & potential of new ways to discover news.
RT @tankpr: Getting perspective on local stories with #Snapchat’s story explorer - c/o @wersm…
RT @BBCRadio4: Glitter beards. NO WORDS. (from @BuzzfeedUK)
An appropriately quick guide to Gifs - c/o @hootsuite
RT @charlielyne: Pls support my Kickstarter campaign to make the UK's film censorship board watch paint dry https:/…
How P&G is tying #Snapchat Ads to in-store sales at Ulta - c/o @adage
22 metrics that'll tell us if our content marketing is profitable - by @neilpatel

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Working & lecturing in Digital Community, social media development, SEO, PPC, virtual worlds & film/video. Old-school Dr. Who & Marvel comics geek.

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