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Don’t fly solo or imagine you are the only one who (fill in the blank). Rely on your team, friends, family. #stress…
Refer people who have problems beyond your training, skills or capabilities. #stress
Be curious – not about what happened, but about how people are. #stress
Myth: Only major stress signals need attention. #stress
Suicide myths #stress
Badge of Life - Police Suicide Prevention #stress
Body Language from Big Bang Theory. #stress
When there isn’t an answer: “Not knowing is hard.” #stress
Myth: Everybody needs crisis intervention. Wrong – don’t interfere with natural coping and healing. #stress…
Myth: Critical Incident Stress Management = debriefings. CISM is much more than just debriefings. #stress…
A resilience framework – connecting up, down and around
I liked a @YouTube video S 133 Introduction
When there isn’t an answer: “Not knowing is hard.” #stress
A copy should be in every patrol bag, go kit, and cargo pocket in the Public Safety universe. #stress…
Tell family and friends what you need. “Listen when I talk, don’t force me to talk.” #stress
Don’t instruct and insist – offer and invite. #stress
The 11th Hour Trauma Retreat #stress
Stress, Spirit, Science blog #stress
The fie was still being contained when the flooding started.
Always debrief the debriefers (Post-Action Staff Support) #stress

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