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Mali is a hotspot for extremism in Africa. Here’s how to fight it
Stevie Wonder has long been a legend—even before he took a knee on stage to protest Donald Trump. From the archives…
As Banned Books Week begins, here's a few books you didn't know faced the threat of censorship…
Will the next Democratic presidential candidate come from California?
Can Trump handle North Korea responsibly? Most say 'no' in new poll
Here's all you need to know about the German election result
Ethiopia is banning armed police from a religious festival in a bid to avoid a stampede
What we know about alleged Tennessee church gunman and the usher who tried to stop him
The world is ending in October now, says doomsday conspiracy theorist
John Legend, responding to Trump's NFL comments, wrote a powerful essay supporting protests
How Trump can destroy Kim Jong Un’s nukes without blowing up the world
Climate change could make earthquakes worse for a surprising reason
Does Donald Trump's dislike of the NFL go back to the Buffalo Bills?
Hundreds of Germans chant ''Nazis out" as far-right set to enter parliament
Even Michael Jordan is now calling out Donald Trump
Attention, Halloween teens: New trick-or-treat age limit coming in Canada city
Climate change could make earthquakes worse for a surprising reason
Why would Trump work with Democrats? | Opinion
Kentucky Catholic school says it won't expel students for playing 'Nazi beer pong'
Kurdish referendum brings hope, but also fear of a new Iraq war

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