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I liked a @YouTube video Introduction to After Effects: Tutorial for Beginners |
I liked a @YouTube video How to Use the Background Eraser Tool Photoshop Tutorial
I liked a @YouTube video Photoshop CS6 Tutorials for Beginners | How to Remove Background
@andersoncooper I love the way you are handling the interview with this so called Spokeswoman Ms. Porter. I love your style.
Park Avenue Episode One: via @YouTube
L&E Watching TV Skit: via @YouTube
Kelly Rivas Commercial -Real Estate Expert: via @YouTube
Kelly Rivas Commercial 4: via @YouTube
Meet The Makles 2: via @YouTube
The Power Seat Author Christina Nepstad: via @YouTube
Amazing news! "Charles Dickson The Sculpture" was just selected by @lafilmawards via!
I just submitted "Charles Dickson The Sculpture" to @opencitydocs via!
New Day Talk Radio Intro: via @YouTube
Hello Everyone, Just a friendly reminder
President Obama is a very classy man. Thank you for your service to our country the past eight years.
Ride For the Red 2016: via @YouTube
New Day Talk Radio Toy Giveaway: via @YouTube
Check out our Mango Salsa show thanks fo
Check out our Mango Salsa show thanks for supporting New Day Talk Radio
I liked a @YouTube video from @Newdaytalk Hilary Clinton Skit

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