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Screening tonight at @TribecaFilmFest: “Very Semi-Serious,” a documentary about this magazine's cartoon department.
“I’d go to a gay speed-dating event in order to meet as many constituents as possible.” Marco Rubio, in @tnyshouts:
In his iconic #TNYarchive story, @DavidGrann reports on a quest to uncover a hidden civilization in the Amazon:
Should Congress decide foreign policy? Steve Coll’s Comment on Cuba and Iran:
Christopher Wheeldon updates the musical “An American in Paris” for 2015—and replaces most of the tap with ballet:
The photographer @moises_saman documented the brutal gold-mining conditions in La Rinconada:
The Long Marriage of Mindfulness and Money
In the latest Cartoon Lounge, @BobMankoff draws inspiration from the story of William Tell:
RT @SimonParkin: Computer-aided cheating in chess has reinvigorated the game with Viking chutzpah:
Jacob Lawrence made “The Migration Series” in a rush of inspiration, following months of research. He was just 23:
In “Clouds of Sils Maria,” Assayas “leaves his mighty actors to act in a void, unguided, unmoored, and unchallenged.”
.@silviakillings eats Bamba and braised lamb neck at Einat Admony’s latest modern-Israeli restaurant:
Despite all the evidence, boards still think that sky-high C.E.O. salaries guarantee corporate success:
The C.E.O. who runs Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent has a new cause:
There are very few good roles for women on television. @OrphanBlack’s Tatiana Maslany plays nine of them:
“The 24 Hour Musicals” puts actors and playwrights under creative duress, producing four original pieces each year:
.@mkonnikova on green design and one very idealistic architect:
Eva-Maria Westbroek stars in David McVicar’s new production of “Cavalleria Rusticana”
Out Loud Podcast: @lsjamison and @joshuarothman discuss memoirs in the age of TMI
Is @DrOz doing more harm than good? @specterm’s profile, from #TNYarchive:

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