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Brittany Maynard’s poise, lucidity, and youth have amplified her voice in her quest to achieve “death with dignity”
.@BorowitzReport: Kochs approve a controversial plan to fire cash from cannons directly at voters on Election Day
Today’s daily cartoon by David Sipress: #HappyHalloween
RT @NewYorkerVideo: When an audience member with a quiet voice asks Larry David a question, this happens:
Political Scene Podcast: Lessons that we can learn from the current Ebola outbreak
There is a maxim in the cruise-ship industry that the average passenger gains a pound a day while on board:
Haunted-house designers have developed a number of techniques to provoke fear—but smell is rarely part of the package
From our Love Stories collection, fiction by Junot Díaz: #TNYarchive
“Galway Kinnell was one of, if not the most, admired poets of his time,” C. K. Williams writes:
Slide Show: The photographer @EiriniVourloumi created a visual dialogue with her grandfather’s drawings of Greece
Members of the social psychology field are overwhelmingly liberal—but is that a problem? @mkonnikova investigates:
“It’s a blessing to do any work. But I want to do things that feel original.” Haley Joel Osment, grown up:
Crisis in Mexico: Could Forty-Three Missing Students Spark a Revolution?
“Not so long ago, food was food. That’s not true anymore.” How foodism has gotten out of hand:
On the Internet, “the day is not a pie but a vapor.” Why standardized time’s regulatory powers are fading:
Why Tim Cook’s coming out may be the harbinger of another chapter for the Republican Party:
“This is the infomercial-in-the-age-of-the-Internet myth.” @danagoodyear on McDonald’s new transparency campaign:
The Sadness of @TPAIN: Auto-Tune made the artist a household name—until listeners got sick of it
The Rediscovered Classic: An illustration by @tomgauld
Roger Angell on watching Bumgarner: “It’s twilight sleep; an Ambien catnap; an evening voyage on a Watteau barge.”

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