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“Colbert’s message to fans has been that it is O.K. to be sad, but not too sad.” @iancrouch on the show’s finale:
The @metmuseum presents a series of Byzantine choral concerts: via @goingson
Rebecca Solnit on Native American creation myths: “No one is unequivocally good, starting with the gods.”
.@eosnos on the Sony hack, the danger in withdrawing “The Interview,” and ongoing censorship in Hollywood:
In @tnyshouts, Ayn Rand reviews “Bambi,” “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” and other children’s movies:
What @serial really taught us:
Did North Korea hack Sony?
What Europe can teach the American West about living alongside wolves, bears, and other large predators:
German archaeologists have discovered the largest stone block from antiquity, weighing over three million pounds:
In the U.S.’s short history, “few bad decisions have lasted as long as this one.” @jonleeanderson on the Cuba embargo
This week, as he fights off a cold, @BobMankoff shares some cartoons for those feeling under the weather:
.@BorowitzReport: @marcorubio said that he would do everything in his power to block the twenty-first century
MT @PGourevitch: Smart, spoiler-laden review of The Interview— “a comedy of responsibility” that you may never see:
La Savane lacks many of the usual trappings of a Manhattan restaurant, but promises authentic West African cuisine:
.@asarahlarson on @serial: “From the start, intentionally or not, the show was about doubt.”
“If North Korea wanted to make studios bend, it didn’t need to hack them. It just needed to fund them.” –@eosnos
Jane Mayer on the revelation that one CIA officer appears to have been a source of years’ worth of terrible judgment:
RT @nxthompson: The story of the first big Sony hack—which they didn't learn from. @davidkushner #longreads
@marcsobel Sorry to hear that, Marc. Please contact our customer-service team at 1-800-444-7570 or via email: help[at]newyorker[dot]com.
“ ‘101 Dalmatians’: Altruism is pointless. So are dogs.” Ayn Rand reviews children’s movies, in @tnyshouts:

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