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RT @JeffreyToobin: What's the real American answer to the Syrian refugee question? My @NewYorker column.
The Internet is finally infringing on the Black Friday madness. @vauhinivara examines:
How's the alliance to destroy ISIS shaping up? Look no further than the downed Russian jet, Dexter Filkins writes:
The rivalry between @dabujaber's Catholic grandmother and her Muslim father played out in the kitchen:
.@DanielGAlarcon attends BlazerCon, a celebration of soccer organized by the sports commentators @MenInBlazers:
In @tnyshouts: you can now binge-watch the entire upcoming season of Golden State Warriors games:
"The ugly, scuttlebutt version of Sinatra is as a bad guy with a big voice." Adam Gopnik on a new biography:
If Adele and Taylor Swift take Spotify down, they’re going to take the industry with it, @jmseabrook writes:
.@tnyCloseRead on what remains unknown about the downed Russian fighter jet:
The artist Rachel Rose’s video, “Everything and More,” is a collage about gravities, literal and figurative:
Kelefa Sanneh examines the unlikely political rise of Ben Carson, in this week's issue:
Are we in a new era of boxing? Kelefa Sanneh examines:
On our latest Politics and More podcast, George Packer and David Remnick discuss the fight against ISIS. Listen:
.@huahsu writes that a cookbook was one of the most affecting books he's read all year. Why?
RT @huahsu: I wrote about inauthentic Asian food + new books by Talde, @dannybowien and @LuckyPeach for @NewYorker
What does ISIS want? Searching for answers in the group's magazine:
How Patricia Highsmith turned her erotic obsession with two women into literary art:
RT @JohnCassidy: Terrorism in the age of Twitter. Social media and the representativeness heuristic.
Revisit Junot Díaz's story about a overweight introvert's quest for love:
A Thanksgiving without cranberries was also America's first food scare:

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