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“Ebola won’t kill us all, but something else might.” @specterm on the virus and what may come next:
Books to watch out for this month:
“If I could do it all over again, I’d probably be an accountant.” Sonny Rollins: In His Own Words @tnyshouts
Blair Buswell on making busts of Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees & sculpting @michaelstrahan’s gap-toothed smile:
From our Profiles Collection: Bill Buford on Lucinda Williams’s love affair with loss #TNYarchive
On this month’s Fiction podcast, Tim Parks reads “Sweet Dreams,” by Peter Stamm:
In this week’s issue, Pankaj Mishra explores the struggle to define Indonesia:
RT @mkonnikova: When it's bad to have good choices. My latest on the neural correlates of approach-approach conflicts
VIDEO: Lassie visits the New Yorker office
“There’s something both appalling & poignant in what [Maureen McDonnell] chose to ask for.” Amy Davidson on the trial
Today’s daily cartoon by @FarleyKatz:
.@Rebeccamead_NYC wonders why “relatability” has come to be so highly valued in art:
“A pandemic is like an earthquake that we expect but cannot quite predict.” @specterm on Ebola & what may come next:
Movie of the Week: @tnyfrontrow discusses Samuel Fuller’s film “Shark!”
Cartoon Editor @BobMankoff shares some cartoons inspired by his lifelong hypochondria:
“‘Rise & Shine, Campers’: They’re gonna force you to play baseball today.” The Unathletic Camper’s Baseball Glossary
On this week’s Political Scene podcast, @TNYJohnCassidy and Bernard Avishai discuss the conflict in Gaza:
James Surowiecki on B corporations, for-profit companies that have social responsibility written into their charters:
The resolve of civil society is astonishing.” Hisham Matar on post-revolutionary Libya:
How do you teach teen-agers in a New York City jail? Adam Gopnik writes about a school on Rikers Island: #TNYarchive

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