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.@superwuster on @netflix: “There is a sophisticated algorithm at work here—but I think his name is Ted Sarandos.”
“If the GOP is in a market bubble…Democrats might be experiencing something like stagflation.” @tnyCloseRead on 2016:
In 1971, William Whitworth profiled the talk-show pioneer Joe Franklin, who died this past weekend, at the age of 88:
Kílian Jornet is widely considered the world’s fastest mountain runner. Follow his journey up and down Aconcagua:
Why blizzards, bad weather, and snow storms thrill us:
Movie of the Week: François Truffaut’s 1966 film “Fahrenheit 451”
Silicon Valley has lost its way. Can skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen help it? via @WIRED
An unusual coalition has forced ISIS militants out of the Syrian town of Kobani, but at a heavy cost:
A left-wing party has taken control of Greece’s parliament. What happens if the debtors revolt?
.@wilshylton reports on a lawyer’s fight to keep contaminated food off the supermarket shelf:
Scenes from the Iowa Freedom Summit, by Danny Wilcox Frazier:
Are @netflix’s big decisions truly as data-driven as they are purported to be?
A profile of Yitang Zhang, who recently solved a theorem that has stumped mathematicians for over a century:
“Enough already with the exuberant weathernoia of the television forecasters.” @BobMankoff on #Blizzardof2015:
.@tnyCloseRead on the GOP’s bubble and the Democrats’ stagflation
Why are people so fascinated by storms, even when they’re nowhere near them? @mkonnikova explains: #Blizzardof2015
Basketball star and Sherlockian @kaj33 will soon publish a thriller about Holmes’s older brother:
.@tnyshouts: How to Deal with the #Blizzardof2015
Two days shy of her 69th birthday, Bettye LaVette begins a two-week stand at the Café Carlyle:
Today’s daily cartoon by @JoeDator: #Blizzardof2015

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