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.@tnyfrontrow argues that the 1939 film “When Tomorrow Comes” is “a marvel and, ultimately, a terror”
In this week’s issue, Jill Lepore writes about feminism, free love, and Wonder Woman’s secret past:
Photos from the early 90s of @SnoopDogg, @Nas, and other hip-hop artists:
Following Scotland’s referendum, pro-independence First Minister @AlexSalmond announced his resignation. What’s next?
The Gorbals, a new Williamsburg restaurant, “gives off the vibe of a converted Bushwick warehouse, circa 2005”
“Perhaps it doesn’t matter why we care, as long as we do.” @specterm on the U.S.’s investment in fighting Ebola:
Frosted tips, braces, and other trends that are poised for a comeback: #humor
A short story by Victor Lodato, in this week’s issue of the magazine:
Though Virginia Woolf breezily dismissed Edith Wharton and James Joyce, both authors likely influenced her own work:
One of the strongest creative alliances in contemporary Hollywood is showcased at the United Palace Theatre tonight:
Today’s daily cartoon by @BentSchwartz:
RT @nxthompson: #FF @NewYorker contribs this week: @joshuarothman @widdikombe @magger @BentSchwartz @ferrisjabr @MJSchulman @cathy_lew
“Festivals don’t have to involve ... thousands of fans covered in mud.” @sfj reviews the modest Basilica SoundScape:
.@AlexSalmond brought Scotland closer to independence than anyone in the past 300 years. @JohnCassidy on his exit:
Thousands are expected to march through midtown Manhattan on Sunday to ask world leaders to act on climate change:
RT @vauhinivara: You may love Apple, but can you trust it?
“Today, the dread is spreading even faster and farther than the virus.” @specterm on Ebola and the cost of fear:
RT @CultureDesk: What would Henry James think about adults who read "Harry Potter"? @chrisbeha speculates.
RT @NewYorkerFest: Happy 94th birthday Roger Angell! See the inimitable writer at #NYerFest:
“Now the purpose of the trip or trick is the record of it. Life is footage.” @NickPaumgarten on the rise of @GoPro:

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