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RT @gerkmana: Are you ready to friend your doctor on Facebook? (from @heymarci)
Crane drops steel on architect near WTC site He is in stable condition.
Growing Problem: Increase on the number of women driving drunk
RT @AbbieCitron: 12 Ways Health Reform May Improve Care and Save Costs #Healthreform
RT @BlawgTweets: New @bobkraft: Editorials Praise Increased Food Safety Monitoring
Good morning everyone. It has been a long week already and it is only Tuesday.
RT @constructionlaw: New Shared Article: Dealing With A Catastrophic Workplace Accident: Former OSHA head Edwin G...
New Blog Post: Personal Injuries on School Grounds
RT @BonnieRN: RT @EllenRichter via @DrVes: Longest survivor of heart transplant died of cancer 31 yrs after operation
Medical Mistakes Will Kill 200K This Year: Report
A nationwide survey indicates that more American are on the road to obesity
RT @EllenRichter: RT @Miz_Marie: RT @katiecouric Katie Couric's Notebook: Drug Companies
New Blog Post: New York Accident News
RT @constructionlaw: RT @IkenCEO While Twitter was down I found this link to 15 things to do when Twitter is down
RT @rcalo: RT @clarinette02: RT @EFF The Kindle lawsuit: What Amazon should do to protect readers from future abuses:
Reading: World Trade attack health effects linger
RT @StefanieDevery: Sotomayor Vote Tests GOP
RT @AbbieCitron: RT @kevinmd: Doctors suffer too when they make medical mistakes
Merck, Schering to settle cholesterol lawsuits
RT @steigerlaw: Recession forces more to act as own lawyer: Observers warn that courtrooms aren't made for amateurs

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