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Latest novel. Free! Daily comedy novel
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very interesting way of explaining everything!!!
Do I dislike, hate or loathe going to the gym? It's a tricky question?!
Often confused: Affect and effect. Affect means' influence' on something.' Effect' is a result of doing something.
Animation explains the financial crisis!
see also for a comedy twitter novel
'And' is not needed before 'which' -eg- I gave him an interesting book for a present, which cost me £5. Adding an 'and' is a common mistake.
OK, some examples of those prefixes: ad meaning to - Adhere = stick to An 'at' example - attack = from the Latin 'to join battle'
English Tip: All the following prefixes mean 'to' - Ad, ac, af, ag, al, an, ap, ar, and at.
Ask a question about English and we will answer it for you. #Englishlessons
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