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@trustrnow nrustrnow?
@TheEllenShow @usainbolt Hilarious. Don't let the PC crowd bother you.
Just LOL https://t.co/oQM5IoXKKT
@coldkeys I was just enjoying UK Expat Radio here in Yalıçiftlik. Totally amazed to find out it was written in Turgutreis! Excellent!
@BBC_HaveYourSay How about a crowd funded Greek bail out. https://t.co/jRxfpmnPuh …. Only 3 Euro per person needed!
@BerardAnne you must be ill informed. Have a look at this: http://t.co/nyaGnepq6h and see how you feel afterwards. @dpa @tagesschau
@ROMEYfive This is nothing to do with me. I think you tagged the wrong person.
RT @RonniVergona: Come on world, help me out! http://t.co/EHkkpTjpeo
Downloading #Max4Live goodness for #Ableton Live from @IsotonikStudios Follow at http://t.co/Pbi2qhNemy http://t.co/qVDZV9YyjX
@canindedesouza I have no idea what you are talking about.
@ddandrade13 @MundoDasFrases1 he he ha ha .. I have no idea what you are talking about :-)
RT @TedOfficialPage: Pretending to be a nice person all day is exhausting. specially when im surrounded by assholes
@whyjournalz why are you spamming my name?
@OhNem Humm, and this is where we part ways.
@OhNem I don't need your money. Also I don't really think a teenager has enough money to motivate me (unless your daddy is a billionaire!).
@OhNem Why would I DM you about something I don't want to do? Also this robot isn't programmed to DM anyone.
@OhNem That's right, this isn't even really me now. This is just a robot I created to handle such conversations.
@OhNem I get requests like this all the time. The short answer is no.
@Ninasalvatore1D @remmaplir Why do you girls keep tagging me in your bitch fest? I aint interested.
@mauricevansteen Hi Maurice, I don't understand what this has to do with me. Can you explain it in English?

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