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"Compulsive Cluttering" is more common than you may think.... look around you!
@butling How's business?
Do you know someone with a "Hoarding" issue?
What happens when clutter is removed and clean takes over....
Clear the chaos... Clear the clutter!
Motivation: Yesterdays dreams are today's regrets, unless we focus on our vision of tomorrow and begin it
Organizing Tip:Many haphazardly move from one chore to the next forgetting their main purpose many times throughout the day
Organizing Thought: Clutter creates Chaos...
Get Organized TODAY... Clear the CLUTTER... Clear the CHAOS!
Organizing Reminder: Amidst the CLUTTER... there is FREEDOM!
Organizing Thought: If you cannot see the flat surface of design... perhaps the surface needs a face lift!
Organizing Tip: If you can't seem to find the time... Hire a Professional Organizer... We put the EEZ, in Easy!
Organize This, - Have you experienced freedom from CLUTTER?
@SuzForbes: There is no beauty but the beauty of action. - Proverb
Fact:Time spent mishandling paperwork detracts from the company's ability to service customers, increase sales and improve the bottom line.
Organizing Thought: "Do not wait for ideal circumstances, nor the best opportunities; they will never come."
Organize NOW & get 4 hours for the price of 3!
Organizing Fact: Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in an average home.
Need Help with CLUTTER? In or around Tacoma?

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