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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Brilliance || "Dust We Are and Shall Return" Song Story
This picture doesn't do justice but Eckherts orchards are so beautiful in the spring time... The…
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Herd Immunity by Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Guess what I'm doing today? Hint: it's not modeling for the cover of Bazaar lol #oilbaseprimer…
Today's working view.... I know I know... get back to work lol 🤓 Happy Tuesday!
Happy Wednesday!!!
I love Cyrus but I am one of those weirdos that doesn' like chewing sound effects... Anyone…
Hi Ho Tuesday!!! ❤️ 🙏🌟
Hi there!
Happy Monday!
Every time I walk by this painting hanging in our hallway it makes me smile :)
I totally dig how you can get a new perspective and see paintings such different light when you turn them upside...
I love art journaling/doodling... Intuitive drawing....letting go... praying for love and wellness to all <3
Here's an old proof I found of "Big Momma" Oldie but goodie.. lol 2002
Good Dog :) Happy Wednesday!
I think we all need this reminder today ❤️
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Our children are our future. Watch this too, please.
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