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For the first time, the yarn outnumbers the stitch markers in the shop! Check out all 115 new yarns today. http://t.co/fOx1I0GOz4
Spring sale at http://t.co/fOx1I0GOz4 Enter coupon SPRINGFLING at checkout and save 25% http://t.co/sOxG2YXvfj
New luxury yarn in the shop today! Sapphire lace weight cashmere. Yummy! http://t.co/lks6wlwIkX via @Etsy
Spring has sprung, so we are having a sale to celebrate! Visit http://t.co/kByw7V0FqG and enter code SPRINGFLING to get 25% off your order!
This week's new yarns! http://t.co/YqaM2hAK
Just finished updating the shop with even more yarn! That puts us up to 38 different yarn lots and over 150 skeins of yarn!
Whew! HUGE shop update today! Over 55 skeins added in 12 colors! Come find your new project today http://t.co/z5xuSSSe http://t.co/6HVebK7M
Shop update today! 6 new shawl pins! Cross, angel, turtle, butterfly, & little bird Come check them out http://t.co/z5xuSSSe
Realized it is almost mitten weather & not positive that all of my kids have mittens! Do you have a favorite go to pattern for mittens?
The Twice Sheared Sheep is having a sale! - http://t.co/TUXZDrqQ
just realized that it has been a LONG time since I posted. Hello Twitter :) How have you been?
Already accomplished my goal of listing 2 new things in the shop this week! Whee! 2 new yarns, and 1 new plushie http://t.co/e5KZCmzs
3 new yarns up in the Etsy shop! Lemon grass & Lavender cashmere lace, and Chocolate wool cashmere sport http://t.co/e5KZCmzs
Edited Etsy listings to show all 5 sizes available for stitch markers and counters. Now you can choose! http://t.co/xDd7VUy
@craftycarole Oh, I was spinning Lace/ Fingering singles. In the worsted style (inch worm smooth) rather than woolen (long draw fuzzy)
@craftycarole No, I was using my Ashford traditional. I think it was pinching of smoothing the yarn down with my left hand that did me in.
Been spinning Worsted singles the last few days and who knew you used that many muscles?! My left forearm is just killing me this morning
@APippinger lol, they sound very professional saying "I think it would be something related to that, it’s the act of some crazed mind"
Today is the last day of my 25% off sale. Stitch markers, Row Counters, Recycled yarn. All on sale http://t.co/npYDMUm
I love getting new toys! Mom just brought over a 4 heddle table loom that she found at thrift store for $30! Squee!

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