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@SusieNeds Our parent company brought us to an end after 21 years. Please see @KING5Seattle now.
The end of the year means our Gaming Guru's Top Ten Games of 2016. https://t.co/ECmE0eXOv5
This week's review, the Gaming Guru's Holiday Hardware Gift Guide Part 2. Last minute and after X-mas sales ideas. https://t.co/wGuuArEgSm
This week our Gaming Guru has a Holiday Hardware Gift Guide, Part 1. https://t.co/xWuKwBQXAc
In this week's review out Gaming Guru creates things with letters in unWorded. @Bento_Studio #GameReview https://t.co/np0t1px221
This week's game review our Gaming Guru gets immersed in PlayStation VR. @PlayStation @enhance_games @Mizuguchitter https://t.co/mmMLaFyjwM
This week our Gaming Whiz reviews Titanfall 2. @Respawn @Titanfallgame https://t.co/68rLlQ5nLc
For this weeks' review our Gaming Guuru builds things in Dragon Quest Builders @DragonQuest @SquareEnix https://t.co/XO14oHjEYR
The second reviews are from our Gaming Guru, 2 headphone reviews from @kinivo and @HyperX https://t.co/kSOojG6vTU
Oops, wrong link - here is the correct link for Gears of War 4 @GearsofWar https://t.co/Vz9nywYVvp
This week 2 reviews First from our new Gaming Whiz, Gears of War 4 @GearsofWar https://t.co/kSOojG6vTU
For this week's game review our Gaming Guru goes to a land down under in Forza Horizon 3. @WeArePlayground https://t.co/OV58M3lAfH
NWCN Gaming Guru here, this week let our new Gaming Whiz review Clusterturck by @LandfallGames @ZabexTV https://t.co/Hk4he7cvL3
@enhance_games Do you have a press kit?
This weeks review our Gaming Guru hits the ground running with 3 games. @VaragtP @DungeonBossGame @WhaleHammerGame https://t.co/alaOdyLbv7
For this this week's review our Gaming Guru looks at 3 more games. @Lost_Castle @drycactusgames @RighteousHQ https://t.co/VxW8662TDI
This week our Gaming Guru fits in 3 quick games for review: Huntsman Winter's Curse, Lifeless Planet, & Armikrog https://t.co/sURv5HSxE2
The last of our Gaming Guru's previews of games from PAX West 2016 is up. @FunSpongeGames @FenixFireGames @daedalic https://t.co/Eq3wv0c51b
Today our Gaming Guru look at more games and hardware from PAX West in Part 2. @SquareEnix @kalypsomediausa @HyperX https://t.co/hIWnE5D6Lz
Today our Gaming Guru starts a 3 part preview of games from PAX West 2016. Enjoy Part 1. @TinManGames @TheNewBloods https://t.co/J0k7IaDPce

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