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NAAA Economist, Silver: Higher confidence, probably reflecting the election being over and the strng lbr mrkt, is postve for consmr spnding.
NAAA Economist, Silver: The Consmr Bd Consmr Confidnce Indx rose in Nov to 107.1, the hghst that confidnce has been snce bfre the recession.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Corporate profits rebounded in the 3rd qtr w/ a yr-to-yr increase of 5.2%, the 1st annual increase since late 2014.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Third quarter growth was led by spending on motor vehicles, business structures, and exports.
NAAA Economist, Silver: 3rd qtr real GDP grwth at an annl rate was revised up from 2.9% to 3.2%, the fastest quarterly growth in two years.
NAAA Economist, Silver: The unemployment rate moved down to 4.9%, equal to the average for the year.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Yr-to-date emplymnt gains hve avergd 180k/mnth, way abve the 100k needed to absrb the norml incrse in the lbr force.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Employment increased by a solid 161,000 in Oct and the Sept increase was revised up from 156,000 to 191,000.
NAAA Economist, Silver: October light vehicle sales were led by light trucks at 11.1 million for a 7% increase from last year.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Year-to-date light vehicle sales are averaging about equal to last year’s record pace.
NAAA Economist, Silver: October was the strongest month for light vehicle sales this year at 17.9 million units at an annual rate.
NAAA Economist, Silver: The third quarter gain of 2.9%, the fastest in two years was led by exports and a rebound in inventory accumulation.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Third quarter growth in real GDP rebounded from three quarters of weakness with a 2.9% gain.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Excluding gasoline sales, retail sales in September rose 0.5%.
NAAA Economist, Silver: While strong motor vehicle sales are positive for the economy, gasoline sales mostly reflect higher prices.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Retail sales in Sept grew a healthy seasonally adjusted 0.6%, led by strong gains in motor vehicle & gasoline sales.
NAAA Economist, Silver: The unemplymnt rte ticked up 0.1% to 5.0% as people enterd the labor force due to better prospects of getting a job.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Yr-to-dte job gains avrgd 178k/mnth, signfcntly abv the 100k needed to keep up with grwth in the wrkng-age popltion.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Payroll employment rose by a respectable 156,000 jobs in September and the August’s total was revised up to 167,000.
NAAA Economist, Silver: Lt trucks continue to lead sls in Sept at 10.7 mill units, up 3% from last yr, while passenger car sls were down 8%.

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