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Regardless of the outcome, America will never be the same...
@ITheRealMystic @Mystic :)
@ITheRealMystic @Mystic $1000 it's yours.
@SwitchBlade_SgN @Mystic @ITheRealMystic lol. Nope.
@ITheRealMystic @Mystic sorry. Nope. :)
@DanaPerino have not seen you for a while. Love the longer hair! Beautiful!
Watching, "Fifth Element" with the younglings...
Relationship problem. Never "tell" someone to do something. "Ask" them. If you "tell" rather than "ask", you are bossy or bitchy. Change...
A little light reading today on the Google Maps API.
@carolaltfnc I'm going to have to stop watching your show because I keep finding books and things I need to buy! Thanks for a great show!
Didn't see Treble in the shower when I turned it on. He was not amused. http://t.co/Ui1PxDTyHa
Greetings Spokane! Once again I have returned to your friendly embrace.
Happy 50th anniversary of the BASIC programming language. I've been coding BASIC programs for 31 years... Now I feel old...
Denver, I am in you. Unfortunately it's only for a brief moment on my way to Michigan.
This is the life... Relaxing with my Ritz & Squeeze Cheese.
@tsykoduk mine too! Built to last!
@tsykoduk It reminds me of the old Zork games. http://t.co/OEOJ9nPkgJ
Programming tip of the day: Once you correct the error in your code, save it so you don't confuse yourself later.
Always an awesome feeling when programming to refactor the code so that a huge chunk of it is streamlined. Woot!
My S3 just updated from 4.1.3 to 4.3! Huge difference! Very nice.

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