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RT @historyinmoment: The plague mask was designed in 1619. The beak housed sweet scents to protect doctors from foul odors.…
We released a new uploader today. You can now drag and drop files directly to your Myows account
Now you can send pictures to Myows from FB or instagram, by simply adding #myows to the description. How cool?
NEW FEATURE: Sync accounts and add #myows to your FB pics... they will automatically become OWs. Magic!
@deboerdbp Hey sorry that's very strange - How heavy is your file? Is it sorted now? If not DM me your OW number and we'll take a look
Awesome collection from @unsplash - no copyright on these pics... Do what you want with them !
RT @gr8_internet: @freelancersu you may already be aware, but @Myows have a great site/system that can help with copyright proof and handov…
Very good article from @TheLogoFactory : Using a logo you found on the Internet
@gordonnl I just discovered your work through greensock's site. Wow Wow Wow !
@Jay_Swartz Thanks Jamie - I have a lot of damage control do to. That email was not cool
@jjpetrusa see previous tweets. Sorry, it was a mistake. Nothing to worry about we weren't charging you.
@esentrans That email was sent by mistake to a large section of our database. Nothing to worry about, we're sorry about the trouble caused :
@plagiarismtoday Thanks! Guess that's how we learn.
While doing upgrades, an email was sent by mistake to a section of our database about an "Account Downgrade". This was a mistake. Sorry :)
We're going into maintenance mode for a few minutes today while we publish upgrades. Follow us on for updates
Your work is always safe with Myows. Today we upgraded our SSL to the highest level. A touch of green in an otherwi…
RT @TheLarisaGroup: Another amazing resource flying under the radar: | Get Free Copyright Protection Online | Myows®…
Thank you. That Tweet made my Day! We're about to get much better (Lots of new functions to ship in the next couple…
List of 20 Best tools for freelancers, featuring yours truly : #startup #apps #photographers #copyright #invest #vc
@line25blog Thanks so much for including Myows in your Top 20 best apps for Freelancers. We still have a long road ahead... You made my day!

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