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Looking to decorate a room? Display art created by your DNA! It will make your room as unique as you are.
Looking for a unique gift? What could be more unique than someone's DNA?
Check out some samples of MyGeneImage artwork here:
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Nothing spruces up a room more than color! Hang your DNA art up in any room and enjoy the splash of color it will...
Did you know that while your mood changes throughout the day, the normal mood that governs your day to day life is...
Time to bust a myth: Did you know that identical twins do not have identical DNA? It's true! How long have you believed that myth for?
Did you know 1,800,000 to 2,4000,000 dead skin cells fall off your body every hour? Think of all the DNA you're...
With MyGeneImage you can create a piece of art out of a variety of your own unique genes, from hair color to taste...
Not all red blood cells contain DNA. This is why in forensic investigations, blood samples are not always the best...
The Circadian Rhythm Gene is responsible for controlling your body's internal clock. Did you know your internal...
Killing time on the internet? Try out this fun and educational DNA replication game:
Some genetic disorders can be lethal, but others can be less severe like color blindness. Do you know someone who is colorblind?
Did you know in 1962 scientists Watson, Crick and Wilkins received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for...
Check out this awesome larger-than-life sculpture of a DNA strand at the Lawrence Hall of Science:...
Deoxyribonucleic acid is the full name for the acronym DNA. Can you name other scientific acronyms?
Remember biology class in high school? What part of science class did you love the most?
MyGeneImage creates a unique art piece out of your genetic code. Do you have anything unique displayed in your home already? Share with us!
DNA testing is used to authenticate food like caviar and fine wine.
DNA is the abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid. "Like" this status if you knew that!

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We create personal art from your DNA. Modern and timeless it shows a unique view of you that spans not only your life but is a keepsake that can be passed down

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