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5 skills needed to lead the business of the future (& now I’d say). And yes, high #EQ is one of them #leadership
And don't assume you can communicate different things to different audiences, i.e. customers and employees, it's al…
A6: I'd say fostering employee engagement is every manager's responsibility & if they don't get that you need new managers #KeepThemEngaged
It's just common sense to keep employees in the loop on the big stuff. Why on earth wouldn't you, they matter.…
@VenturefestScot Thanks - wasn't sure whether I'd missed or not
Whichever way you look at it #networking is important but I fall in the quality over quantity camp
@VenturefestScot other than registering an interest in attending is it possible to actually register yet?
Aberdeen energy tech firm buys stake in English peer #oilandgas
After some thinking on what I do to assist others I came up with “Lead, Coach & Deliver”. Good summary for me as a whole I think.
Why HR expertise is a critical addition to your board #peopleskills #peopleexpertize
Given Public Holidays in the US and UK next Monday (29th) we'll most likely take a week off - unless @raehanbobby decides otherwise #pocchat
Wishing you all have a great week ahead. Feel free to keep this discussion going - I know I need to scroll through tweets I missed #pocchat
Thank you for a wonderful chat today. Wasn't sure how the influencer topic would go down but turned out Ok I think #pocchat
@JKatzaman good idea - credit where credit is due as the saying goes #pocchat
A8: No idea if I'll do anything different as a result of this chat but I know that this is a group of people I know I can trust #pocchat
@JKatzaman Quite! #pocchat
RT @larry_kunz: @Mushcado A7: "Influence" cuts both ways. Know what your core values/beliefs are, and avoid those who would draw you away f…
Q8: What might you do differently as a result of this twitter chat on influencing? #pocchat
@MarcyLField It did and continues to do so to this day. #pocchat
A7: I'm somewhat cynical of the whole "Influencer" thing and as @DreaVilleneuve said earlier, everything around us influences us #pocchat

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