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President of the United States: Stop Body Modification Discrimination in the Workplace via @change
STOP BODY MODIFICATION DISCRIMINATION attend this FB event share like invite etc & sign the petition
...there's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm.
Merry Christmas (Ü_Ü) MGHJ-138
...Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass Its about learning how to dance in the rain. (^_^)
...Act as if you are in a dream. Be daring, and don't apologize.
...SNOW...shoveling...all three driveways...(o_O) go go gadget gerry!!!
...But as something grows, something else dies. I just hope that for now it isn't me. (^_^)...
somehow passed her classes. (^_^) !!!!!!
is a bonafide rarity MGHJ-138
has new hair!! (^_^) Now I just need to tone it. (o_O)
dealing with a mini crisis in the youth group...(o_O)
was in a Christmas parade today!! (^_^) my ears hit with a taser...and is currently getting in quite a bit of trouble...(o_O)
just updated the myspace page. like woah. think THAT'S jerky...? (o_O) MGHJ-138
doesn't see your name on her tattoo........ (o_O) must have washed off in the shower. wtf.
...i want the life you think i have......roll over say good night... MGHJ-138
Happy Thanksgiving lovers!! (^_^)

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When I get ahold of you honey, gonna light you up like Christmas

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