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It was my time to cross the rainbow bridge. You guys take care of my brother @StormDevil and mom @a99kitten. They are pretty sad.
Mom...if it starts raining before we go on our walk, it will be your fault. LET'S GO!!!
The gardener just got here. Really pal? My only non-rainy yard day & you have to wreck? I pee on your house. And truck. And loud junk.
National Puppy Day? I always have to show those little bastards...I mean cute lil' things...who is boss. Me!
Met husky neighbors in the forest! We had fun!
I am King of Snow Mountain!
@ra_husky it's been super fun & snowy!!
Whohooooo! More snow for me today!!
It's snowing here & I am happy!!!
I'm stuck inside while it rains. Why aren't we in the snow?!?!?! Husky abuse.
Mom went for a run w/o me?? Just because I like to stop, sniff, pee on stuff & chase chipmunks is no reason to ditch me!
Mom acts surprised that I don't like the pumpkin & berry treats she bought. Do I look like a rabbit?!?!
So I'm just doing my job, protecting our home and yard and Mom thinks a little skunk stink attack is a big deal.
I like this Superbowl thing. Got to steal a little food yesterday & mom just gave me some leftover mini chicken sausages w/my breakfast!
People are always so surprised to find out I'm 11. Huskies age well people. Plus I'm extra handsome :)
It's 24 degrees out. FINALLY a reasonable temperature!
Mom, let's define stealing. If Storm leaves his treat & clearly doesn't want it, and I take it, is that REALLY stealing?? Or redistributing?
@ArcherWolfdog it's just so humiliating. Why do hoomans think that is so funny?!?!
My mother is fired...
Mom is making me and @StormDevil wear our Christmas jingle collars. Pretty sure she trained w/the CIA in torture techniques.

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Siberian Husky that lives for long walks on the beach, digging in the snow, and chasing cats, chipmunks, or any other small furry woodland creature

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