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RT @jermainetmcneil: Excellent words!
RT @jastudiosjim: My favorite garden. (VanGogh 1888. "Irises") #FlowerFriday #Zen
@lifefacts151 @lucyfact Nah. This is what happens when you can't spell.
RT @1923star:
FYI: I scroll past inspirational memes w/o reading them.
I think it's sweet that my hubs checks the weather online for our grown children's cities.
RT @RedTRaccoon: Dear Mr. President (@realDonaldTrump), Now would be a good time to apologize to Sen John McCain for your POW comments. S…
RT @HealingMB: All people smile in the same language.
RT @Creatoncrafts: Paper Vase Book Art - Holds Water - unusual unique handmade - books Flower… #Craftbuzz #Etsy htt…
Mink owner reeling over 'absolute chaos,' thousands of dead animals via @sctimes #animalrightsidiocy
RT @Conservative_VW: U of W is a liberal school whose study trashed Seattle's minimum wage hike the democrats refuse to believe it & stick…
RT @YasminPacamarra: And you thought it would be hard ...
Make a #statement with this luscious Candy Jade and Green Opal Swarovski bracelet! via @Etsy #handmadejewelry
RT @Emotional_Oasis: Hedgehog Duo Waldorf Toys #jetteam #CustomToys
Try something new on your #knifehandles: Colorful Layered #Micarta: Blue Green via @Etsy #knives
@tjcase1 @NRO @benshapiro Not quite what I meant, but true nonetheless.
Media, Tell the Truth: The Women’s March and Black Lives Matter Embrace Terrorists
@NRO @benshapiro So the liberals called it right this time?
More and More Trump Supporters Celebrate His Character Flaws

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