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RT @LiveAction: Planned Parenthood's self-reported data shows that abortion is its focus. The corporation receives more and more taxpayer f…
RT @LiveAction: This is the most detailed MRI scan of a preborn baby. The amazing video shows a child at 20 weeks moving around, turning he…
RT @IntlAdf: Alliance Alert: The United Nations’ Shameful Treatment of Persecuted Christians - @ProvMagazine http…
RT @100PercFEDUP: New post: JUST IN: Vet Who Wants To Take Maxine Waters’ Boycotted Seat Gets Great News [Video]
Unique! German ceramic figural candleholder maiden candlestick via @Etsy #germany #folkart #germanceramic
RT @historylvrsclub: An albino moose in the forest.
Hand forged #tomahawk 4041 steelhandmade via @Etsy #OOAK #rendezvous
Beautiful! green canvas Micarta Friction Folding Knife by Giannini Forge via @Etsy #knife #giftforhim #handforged
@mashable I am worried about our civilization.
Our dinner company is not much on conversation.
RT @YouHadOneJ0B: Microwave wants a sacrifice.
@nottheworstmom @sarahdelri0 Just slip the $$ under the pillow during the day--you can always say the tooth fairy m…
German ceramic folk art candleholder via @Etsy #vintageceramic #german #folkart
RT @PrisonPlanet: While we are relentlessly lectured about "Islamophobia," Christians are under intense persecution worldwide and the media…
@JustinTrudeau there going to be a retraction?
RT @JosephFRossell: "Christians must continue to lobby the Trump administration to take further actions and force the United Nations to hel…
@Kathlee13641607 @conservmillen
RT @conservmillen: Obama created DACA in 2012. Obama admin specified the age cut-off. This illegal immigrant has never been protected by it…
@Darlainky Aren't they supposed to stay up until Valentine's Day?
RT @historylvrsclub: 1970's wrestler аndre the Giant hand holding a can of beer

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