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Precision farming can improve time management, reduce water and chemical use, produce healthier crops and more:
A team of researchers in Australia were able to increase survival rates of some plants in drought conditions by 50%.
Precision agriculture is going to become even more important in the future to increase yields. #ModernAg
Learn about a few #ModernAg practices farmers are using to grow more using less.
Data can be incredibly useful to farmers. Here's how to make it even more valuable:
Monsanto will continue legal challenge of Prop 65 listing of glyphosate:
Check out a few of the sustainable farming methods farmers are using to help conserve energy.…
How do you tackle the problem of feeding 9 billion people by 2050? Here's what's needed: #modernag
Researching the life of sugar beet root maggots can help in effort to study resistance and other control methods:
Farmers can construct 2-D images and 3-D reconstructions of their fields, but 4-D (3-D + time) could help: #modernag
We have a commitment to our core values - work-life balance, professional development and inclusion and diversity.
What does the future of farming look like? This university team is working on a truly hands-off approach.
VR is being used to immerse people into various farms to show where food comes from, careers and tech being used:
Tattooed avocados? Suppliers are trading stickers for a laser branding in an effort to be more sustainable:
So much of what makes St. Louis great is flying under the radar. Here's what you should know: #STL
Tighty whities are being used to help crops. Yes, you read that right. Here's how:
Reasons St. Louis is great: #2 St. Louis is the epicenter of AgTech #STL
Robots are being used to kill weeds using lasers. Learn more: #ModernAg
Flowers are in full bloom at our Windfall pollinator garden. Learn how we're supporting bee health:…
New research projects are using data to make water use in agriculture more efficient. #ModernAg Learn more:

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Monsanto is an agricultural company using innovation to help farmers produce more while conserving more. (Tweeting done by Glynn, Online Strategy Team Lead)

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