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@KevinSpacey WOW! Thanks so much for Inherit the Wind! Ensemble & Show are just amazing. Keep the tremendous work up. Thank U for existing.
@KevinSpacey Thank you for existing and for being whom you are. You are inspiring me a lot and you enriched my life. Thank you so much.
@KevinSpacey How are the rehearsals going? How many of your lines do you already know? Do you learn some more every day?
@KevinSpacey Congratulations to more than 1 million followers, your gratitude and your humbleness - which is simply stunning and touching.
@KevinSpacey Happy birthday and best wishes to you. Keep the good work up and enjoy the fruits of your commitment also.
@KevinSpacey Happy 4th of July! Would you mind to congratulate one of your most inveterate fans ;-)? I'm now 45 and feeling so young
sitting in Battersea Park enjoying life, myself, and dogs
@KevinSpacey Many thanks for so many "live" tweets! Plz don't care about aggressions - not worth the time. Peace!
@KevinSpacey Hey former shoe salesman! I wish you luck!
@KevinSpacey Hey, where does shooting take place? US? Enjoy and have fun!
@KevinSpacey Very sad to learn that. Take care and get well soon! Lots of vitamines and sleep :-)
@KevinSpacey R U heading to Aviles and the Oscar Niemeyer Centre? When will U be there next? All the best and keep the good work up.
@KevinSpacey re CAPS: Some people care about netiquette, some people care about things to be cared about :-) U R jist so nice
@KevinSpacey Very ifigood article. Plz go ahead and foster as much as U can. U R a magnificent inspiration for me, great pleasure to followU
Hello @KevinSpacey! Are you coming to Recklinghausen this year? It's so wonderful to have the Bridge Project here - thanks.
@KevinSpacey Glad to be back in London?
Wondering what this is all about

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