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@GypsyInDisguise You know it! #welcometomoes
@havehope268 Oh no! We can definitely look into this for you!
@Hwpfan We're sorry about that! Please tell us more at We'd love to figure this out.
@whteverkc Well shucks - that's very sweet of you!
Chicken. Not as sturdy as bricks. #3littlepigswisdom #homewrecker
@TheMatthewJones See you soon? #welcometomoes
@riedeljp We're looking into this right now. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, John.
@cashbackonrx We're very sorry about this. We're looking into our Rome location right now.
@coachcorg23 We're looking into this matter now. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
@EyoooItzNick It's our brand beverage that is exclusive to Moe's locations with a Coke Freestyle! #welcometomoes
@ClairKwahadi423 That's what we call dedication! #welcometomoes
@GoBobbo @Herbie @ChipotleTweets All of our locations have tofu :) #welcometomoes
@KoehlerMarie Mmmmhmmm :) #welcometomoes
@MarrkiiMarrkk We love you too! #welcometomoes
@raginroman We're looking into this - We appreciate your feedback in the matter.
@MikeKohli We're looking into this, Mike. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
@amandaalzaim Yeash! #welcometomoes
To the mother of everything fresh, #HappyEarthDay! #welcometomoes
#IGotAThingFor anything that has to do with queso. #sorrynotsorry #welcometomoes
@Tugboatcharlie Oh no! We'd like to personally say, Welcome to Moe's!

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