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RT @thecoolcat30: This made my year 😂😂 @Moes_HQ
@lyyss133 See you soon?
@Chefeck02 We couldn't agree more.
@k_ellsworth21 Some locations do!
@_vanityANJ Sounds like you ordered the wrong thing. Get the wrong doug next time. It'll change your life.
@Devontooshort Oh, no! That's not cool. Mind letting us know more here:
@bco04 We'll miss you too.
@sleepingontrash We've got lots of options!
@JPetro03 We couldn't agree more.
@thecoolcat30 What are you going to name it?
@_jmonee We couldn't agree more.
@628DeafJams Lucky you!
@ZJMalikCMRPG That wasn't very nice.
@eselci_ Nothing wrong with that.
@teaonna_jnae *high five*
@staciarose_ *high five*
@CheyChester *high five*
@KaylaQuesadilla We'll be reunited soon, friend.
@kaceypaletto_ Score!
@Saylilbrii See you soon?

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Welcome to Moe’s! The official Twitter account of your favorite burrito joint.

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