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@DjJayachandran That is a great question, DJ. What's your record? You might set the standard.
@EricaJMonroe Damn straight. #welcometomoes
@maddyymccann We can look into this for you - hopefully soon! #welcometomoes
@2cwHarris Oh no! We hate to hear that... which location did you visit?
@cobleheugh Nice! Good luck with your race :) #welcometomoes
@jmsummers @jrosenbaum We hope you guys come grab a burrito some time soon! #welcometomoes
@shuperrduperr Oh yeah it is! We're glad you're digging it :) #welcometomoes
@PeteyBoy33 Indeed it is! Hope you enjoyed your meal. #welcometomoes
@sleepydaniella Come see us for dinner tonight! #welcometomoes
@KOKO_xox Excellent idea, Kiana. How was your meal?? #welcometomoes
@the4thdave Nicely done, Dave! #welcometomoes
@Amy_Shew We're very sorry to hear that! Please send our guest relations all the information at We'll address this issue.
@SirMozer Enjoy them, sir. You're a true champion for waiting :) #welcometomoes
@FyrGurl Don't worry, Michele - We're headed your way! #welcometomoes
@kortdan Nor should you be! #welcometomoes
@kayeager24 Way to go! Enjoy your free burritos :) #welcometomoes
@q0rban @gmail Shoot us an email at with all the details. We can resend your lost email. Thanks!
@JackMelligan @ChipotleTweets We're all friends here, man. #burritobuds
@CofCSoftball Excellent news - we're happy to hear it was a success! #welcometomoes
@scanthony14 We're loving it!! Come see us for the grand opening today! #welcometomoes

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