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@eshxo_ We're pumped to hear that! What do you like to add to our nachos? #welcometomoes
@NPoe33 Oh man... Well yes. NOW you know ;) #welcometomoes
@JoelGutz Yes! We're happy to hear that, Joel! What do you include in your homewrecker burrito?? #welcometomoes
@doctahtim Sounds like it is going pretty darn well! #welcometomoes
@ThizGuyPaul Well we appreciate your honest feedback, Paul. Thanks!
@dine_here Haha well played! #welcometomoes
@S_Robinson12 We're sorry you feel that way, Steve. How can we improve?
@DnnYnG We hope you enjoyed your meal! #welcometomoes
@nfarthing Some of our locations do! Which store are you referring to?
@NPoe33 Thanks for the love, Nathan! Did you grab some of our famous queso this afternoon? #welcometomoes
@ChippyStearns Really sorry about that. We'd like to personally say, Welcome to Moe's! #welcometomoes
@rettachris_58 Sorry you feel that way, Retta! How can we better our efforts?
@tmenech Oof - we apologize for that - but know it was probably well worth it! #welcometomoes
@ThizGuyPaul We're sorry you feel that way. What did you order from us?
@onlydeemack Please be sure to email us at with all the info. We'd love to know what happened.
@Trexuh Thanks for the love, David! #welcometomoes
@delanisholar Lookin' great! Enjoy your meal :) #welcometomoes
@waqapedia Nice shot! Hope you're enjoying your stack. #welcometomoes
@JohnHannon_ Come grab a burrito for lunch! #welcometomoes
@JoshSours Awesome! Let us know what you think. #welcometomoes

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Welcome to Moe’s! The official Twitter account of your favorite burrito joint.

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