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We're less than 1 WEEK away from Free Queso Day on 9/18! RT if you're on #TeamQueso!
@kerstinking56 Oh no! Which location?
@mak_ted We're so close! See you in 7 days :) #teamqueso
@Jerk_Martin Hey Jake - Could you please DM us your contact information when you get a second.
@adrianwoodruff Come see us! #welcometomoes
@Jerk_Martin Okay - we're sorry about that. Looking into this now.
@Jerk_Martin Hey Jake - where are you located and which location sent this text to you?
@bitchbarbie12 You should grab a Homewrecker burrito!
@JonnyDlanz Excellent idea, Jonathan! Maybe next year! #teamqueso
@meryljulia You know it! We'll be seeing you soon :) #teamqueso
@Errrrka_93 Oh no! Where is your closest Moe's?? #welcometomoes
@Kelsey11Ann Woohoo! We'll be seeing you son, Kelsey! #teamqueso
@Numero_Five Thanks for the love! #welcometomoes
@ashleyybolin Happy to hear that! What did you order?
@ArianaSheehan Yikes - that is not good. Please shoot us an email with the details and this picture to We'll help.
RT @doctahtim: I'm much more excited about the @Moes_HQ I'm about to consume than the new iPhone. #priorities #incheck
@BrandonTrempe Awesome! Enjoy your meal :) #welcometomoes
From one ATL brand to another, our hearts go out to the @ChickfilA family.
@JohnBetz Thanks for stopping by! How were your meals? #welcometomoes
@jetwardy This is hilariously awesome. Well done, Justin.

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