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@B_Robs15 Come see us soon! #welcometomoes
Atlanta #DrinkaPeach Clue #2: Ancient Egyptians would have appreciated an aspect of this building.
Atlanta #DrinkaPeach Clue #1: Who knows their geometric shapes?!
Last Round of the Atlanta #DrinkaPeach Drop starts at 10am! $100 gift card today...Get pumped!
@MelissaNordWx You know it! See you soon :) #welcometomoes
@sammiller78 Talk about the perfect location! #welcometomoes
@CMiliMVP Nice!!! #welcometomoes
@dariusomeletj we love you too! #welcometomoes
@21simon21 Sorry about that! We'd like to personally say, Welcome to Moe's!
@FashionManic Very happy to hear that! Hope to see you again soon, Calvin. #welcometomoes
@CSR928 We're sorry about that, Chris. Did you have time to address this with the manager on duty?
@joshuagnewman Well deserved, Josh! Well deserved indeed. #welcometomoes
@caly5ta In a perfect world, we would deliver our delicious burritos to everyone.
@DJDaveRain Sorry about that, Dave! How about a burrito for lunch?! #welcometomoes
@lacygatlin We love you too, Lacy. Hope our queso brightens your day! #welcometomoes
@braves_gurl_01 @whichwich Hey, we understand. Can't go wrong with either. See you next time, April!
Become the master of #office #catering: #moescaters
@StephSharlow May the best burrito win! #welcometomoes
@Stephenweisman Come grab a burrito! We'll be waiting. #welcometomoes
@BradyRenard Definitely a great call - no matter what!

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