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@DolceVitaWines another fun night at @DolceVitaWines
It seems that the new redesign of twitter is now going to look like Facebook. #bigfail
One of the better April Fool's jokes. #selfie
Step outside your comfort zone and make a difference. This is what @TwelveInTwelve did with his kids. Amazing story and it's just the start.
Pretty cool when big brands listen to their customers!
We had the honor of working with Jen of the GoJenGo foundation. She lost her battle this morning to cancer. Will miss you #cancersucks
Great job Audi! This will probably get shared quite a bit. #audi #creativecampaign
Something funny for the CLT locals. Now we know why Charlotte continues to grow! Sneaks up on you. #Charlotte
It's been amazing how much has been made over the little bit of snow we received today! #charlotte #ohmygodsnow
@darrellwhitelaw much more interesting!
@justinholtweb nice! I've never had anything but Apple.
Have you checked out Mac 30 years? What was your first Mac? #Apple2
Wondering how long the Chick Fil A cow campaign can continue? Thinking its time for a new pitch!
Who is heading to the AIGA Annual Meeting tonight? #AIGA #Charlotte
What the L campaign is pretty sharp advertising. #Staples correction #Stap_es
Exciting Sunday in Charlotte. Nice and sunny and Panthers playing the Niners. #NFLPlayoff #Charlotte
@jmitchem @smshum I found out the hard way that braided hoses are worth their weight in gold! #floodedstudio
Happy to be main sponsor again of the Modry Evergreen Racing Team. Great group of people! #cycling #bikeracing #NoDaGP
Fun business/pleasure trip to Boston. Wondering if the storm will happen before flying out tomorrow. #snow2014
If you want to see your photo on Times Square billboard for NYE tag it with #tsq14

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Tweets from Chris, the co-owner of Modry Design Studio. Love great design in any medium. Avid traveler and bike racer. Co-founder of Global H20.

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