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You can now sweeten your bar with FIBER SYRUP! This results in a HIGH FIBER bar LOWER in sugar! http://t.co/uIIhshTy
You can create your bar and checkout all on your phone with our mobile-friendly website!
Date Lover's Bars are sold out! Thanks to those who purchased. We will let you know of other deals soon!
Only 6 dozen Date Lover's Bars remain at $1 per bar! Get them while they last! http://t.co/ouImY07t
Review and Giveaway of Element Bars! http://t.co/ZIyA2TlC
Bananas vs. Gatorade http://t.co/8JEy9DIr
Summer Super Food. Which is your favorite? http://t.co/8KDN1Dbx
RT @elementbars: I wish I could customize my __________. https://t.co/XphTaVdQ
No more excuses! http://t.co/yZ1qbDNy
Stay outta trouble! Well, if you can't, eat your way out of it! http://t.co/ubTcxxgz
Who knew what could be done for better chocolate air bubbles? http://t.co/PA3sAoVY
What do you get when you cross CRANBERRIES and RECOVERY? Cran-covery. Plus, the new soy crisps option! http://t.co/bNKPK1Eg
Our latest newsletter highlights our newest bar, Cran-covery, and the option for soy crisps in Endurance bars! http://t.co/A2NoIqX5
Don't look now! Just looking at fatty foods can make you hungry. http://t.co/7LwCyRfs
We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July tomorrow!
We now have a new core, Paleo, and have added egg white protein to our boosts! Read about it here! http://t.co/Dxn92r7A
We now have EGG WHITE PROTEIN available for both the Classic and Endurance bars! http://t.co/bHjaTZ3I
New study suggests that a compound found in apple peels may increase calories burned. http://t.co/KQGanCKF
Plenty of these ingredients can be added to your Element Bars! http://t.co/wyfSglEc

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MixMyGranola is a hip website where customers can customize their own cereal and granola mixes from more than 75 organic / all-natural ingredients.

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