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Video of Brian Kelly aka The Points Guy at Affiliate Summit West 2018 https://t.co/zjVIxQ1iFI https://t.co/QDawf7bZuz
Video of Jason Akatiff Keynote at Affiliate Summit West 2018 https://t.co/ZHUDFPglTU https://t.co/DshCJF1KLR
Affiliate Summit Europe: Guest Speaker Q&A with Susana Laurentino https://t.co/IIFexPfP52 https://t.co/WNyp0gHChk
Video of Dan Moriarty Keynote at Affiliate Summit West 2018 https://t.co/VNXC8KCe6u https://t.co/0JQeddhFZL
Submit Your Affiliate Summit East 2018 Speaking Proposal https://t.co/ee3sKmcXtD https://t.co/GJb9ben9PU
@kimarketing Miss you already!!! Xoxoxo
Finally celebrating my birthday with my family at my favourite restaurant in town.… https://t.co/rGHAUXNCiQ
Winners of the Affiliate Summit West 2018 Pinnacle Awards https://t.co/nCUGcY4gNY https://t.co/JyEmK1jGAq
Recap of Affiliate Summit West 2018 https://t.co/60C5zb4GmV https://t.co/QzXfpoPW0h
@CoffeeNate @shawncollins @Cosmopolitan_LV Thanks Nate!!
Affiliate Summit East 2018 Booth and Table Registrations Now Open https://t.co/99nCBsHOnT https://t.co/I3zBWIXrWm
WiFi Password at #ASW18 is ASW18WIFI https://t.co/hIhkSxtbqn https://t.co/ZKjbeGNgd7
#ASW18 is the Hashtag for Affiliate Summit West 2018 https://t.co/lE3hoT8Kqw https://t.co/cwYZIkaMTz
Clues to my birthday present from @affiliatetip. Hmmmm, not creepy at all :) @ Paris Las Vegas… https://t.co/FJOnkfSREH
Slides for Affiliate Summit West 2018 Sessions https://t.co/Ygpm9kmyVS https://t.co/1zTpWwDwxU
Get Your #ASW18 Badge on Saturday, January 6 https://t.co/MDxBLc2r6T https://t.co/ub7MOI8d8c
Who’s Exhibiting at Affiliate Summit West 2018? https://t.co/UuMkdaxiQc https://t.co/3F4BwmanhK
Set Up Meetings in the Affiliate Summit West 2018 Conference App https://t.co/y0trQZNvon https://t.co/eMN3ExqJE8
Affiliate Summit West 2018 VIP Pass Perks Extend to Affiliate Ball https://t.co/Tng04vkFks https://t.co/yF2cnGwjLp
Looking for a Place to Meet and Work at #ASW18? https://t.co/qqplQKButX https://t.co/zfzieQLL1u

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I'm an online marketing Swiss Army knife, AC/DC fan, wine lover & breast cancer slayer. I do this: @affiliatesummit, @moneymindedmoms, @revenews, @amgb, & more.

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